Severed Foot; Divided Opinions

by Haleyduncan98 on October 21, 2016 - 9:59pm

This article from the Montreal Gazette highlights an issue with a Dollarama Halloween decoration, more specifically, a black severed foot shackled in chains. A customer left a message with the stores head office requesting the decoration be removed because it could be interpreted as racist. Some people agreed with this customers action, while others deemed it to be too ‘politically correct’ or an over reaction.

In class, we watched the music video for Taylor Swift’s music video for her song Wildest Dreams and analysed it. At first glance, most of my classmates found nothing blatantly offensive with the video. But when we further discussed, it became more clear that the video, shot in Africa with the theme of a 1950s type movie set romance, was romanticizing colonial Africa. As well as further perpetuated the stereotype of Africa being a wild, fantastical place where passion rules all, but at the end you return to Hollywood and reality. The article mentioned above reminds me of this discussion because my class did not grasp the problematic undertones of the video right away, and when they did they were not easily swayed to believe it was that big of a problem so there was a reluctance to see the issue from someone else's perspective. Like in the article, some people thought the customers reaction was too severe.

In my own life, I certainly strive to be more ‘politically correct’ than otherwise. I make an active effort to respect others by trying to understand their perspective as much as I can. The fact that some people think that it is possible to be too ‘politically correct’ does not resonate with me, making an active effort to not offend people is for sure not hurting anyone. Maybe our society has become too sensitive, or maybe we are simply moving past offending others for things they cannot control.

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