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by Emily24 on October 28, 2014 - 9:12pm

The article “ Racism is so insidious, even black people underestimate it.” by Kali Holloway is an article published on September 29, 2014 by the newspaper TheGuardian. The article talks about the shocking revelation that many white people in America believe that racism is a made-up problem by other races and that it is rarely a factor that takes place in the cases of police brutality. The author of the article however, rebuttals by referring to the many studies that show that although whites are the one who use illegal drugs, blacks are more liked to be jailed for drug use. She also states that in another study, researchers found that black Americans are sentenced to longer jail sentences as opposed to white Americans who are trialled for the same crime. Holloway also believes that people have become even more racist, more specifically “anti-black and anti-Hispanic.” She believes that it has reached such a level where people, even those victims of racist, now no longer see the distinction of something that is to be considered racist. An easy example she found was immigrants changing their name on their curriculum and who surprisingly get more responses for the same job that they applied to with their real name. In many instances, when using their real name they would not get any reply yet when they resent their curriculum with a more standard name they would quickly get a response from the employer. This “covert racism” results in many immigrants becoming paranoid or highly suspicious of any interaction with white people. They now wonder if anything that is imposed to them is also obliged to the white population. As Holloway's final argument she event mentions one of her foreigner friend who once lived in New York City. She once asked him if he would ever return and he replied that in his country, if he was severed by a rude person he knew he/she was just rude while in the United States of America there wasalways a question of racism.

The author of the author uses many great sources and studies that prove her theory that people are victims of hidden racism and many still take part in keeping it alive. The article also makes the reader question the actions of some people who are still racist and are racist in a hidden way. As a white person I am never a target of racism so how could I know if the owner of the drugstore at the corner of my street refused to hire a black student and instead hired a white one. These sort of racist actions are hard to witness without being part of that particular environment. It is very true that some people would not want to hire someone from another country since they are “stealing jobs from the locals” but it is still not a good reason to refuse all of them. As for the studies she used many of them are logical and even unsurprising so somewhere these kinds of racist actions still take place. Kali Holloway, could have however used more examples or an eyewitness to make her argument stronger but overall her point was very well argued.

I completely agree with this article. Racism has been present for a long time and it is crazy to imagine that it no longer exists. I personally know someone who told me that he or she did not know who to serve the black or Arabic clients that came to eat in the restaurant. That person is in the twenties and should theoretically follow the modern idea that there are no differences between races. This to me also proves that awareness should be more present and even taught at an earlier age to try and prevent racist actions. It if unfair for someone to go through their daily life, suspicious and on guard of every action someone makes. All that, simply due to their skin color or different culture.



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The title made me read this particular post. I find the title very interesting and mysterious so I decided to comment on that post. I think the way the article is summarized and the responses are well structured and easy to follow. Also, I found that the article was very interesting because of all the information given to us which proves all of the ideas being each statement. What was the most shocking about this article was the fact that some are still thinking, even in our modern society, that race is still real. Or, on the other hand, some white Americans think that racism is not at all real in our society and that it is completely "made-up" by other "races". They are doing, what is called, blaming the victims because they are blaming other "races" for making the problem of racism real. I cannot believe that they would actually think that way. Also, what I found was interesting is that, as well as in the post, there is more African-American in jail because of drug abuse than American because of their skin color. While, in fact, it is proven that white Americans are consuming even more drugs and they that their sentences are shorter than African-Americans. We need to take actions on the problem of racism because, like the author of the article is saying, a lot of immigrants are still victims of hidden racism that has many consequences on their lives. But if we do not take actions on this issue we are keeping it alive. By avoiding talking about the issue we are making it worse than ever. Did racism touched an extremely high level that people victims of racism are not even able to distinguish what is racism and what is not? Until what extent people will avoid the topic?

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