Racism in Soccer?

by azizzagoyette on October 1, 2014 - 9:23pm


            The article “UEFA president Platini promises ruling on alleged racist comment by Italian football president” published by Fox News on September 10, 2014, states that the president of UEFA, Michel Platini, promised a ruling over an alleged racist comment by Carlo Tavecchio, Italy’s new lead of the football federation. Although, Tavecchio was found absent during the conference held by his federation. There are going to be new rules put down, which will be anti-racist based, due to the drama that took place in Italy, in the recent days following the publication of the article.


            In response to this article, I believe that putting down some rules can or may solve some issues that have been brought up within the last couple of years, but at the same time, is it really necessary? There was reference brought up from the past about the situation of a fan throwing a banana onto the field to a ‘Black’ soccer player who simply picked up the banana, pealed it and ate it. In my opinion, that is the best response that player could have given to the fan, although, is it necessary to make rules because of a racist fan. Yes, the situation should be put to an end and taken care of but no the rules will not make racism in soccer end. Personally, the issue has been exposed as something bigger than it seems, exaggerated, even though I do believe that there should be put an end to racism in soccer, no on can take away the right of opinion of others. Even if what they think, say or do is considered wrong or illegal, there is no need to fuss over it for so long when there will be many more fans to do the same, whether it be a racist matter or not. Relating my point back to the article, I do not think that by Tavecchio being absent to the conference allows others to make the assumption that he is racist, whether he is or not. Racism is a concept all over the world in all different forms and sizes, and we must deal with it one step at a time and bring it to an end, yet I do not think that there is much racism in soccer and there are further and more important issues to be discussed about racism than soccer.


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