Racism Is THAT Serious CUTIE!

by anniedubeee on October 23, 2014 - 5:52pm

In the article “Company Sells Native American Headdress, Says It’s Not Racist In The Worst Way Possible”, in Huffington Post, by an anonymous author, on October 1st, the reader is introduced to the DollsKill Company, new Halloween costumes. Like many other companies, the author argues, some of their apparel falls under the cultural appropriation. The disturbing costume in question is a fringed feather headpiece, which is made to portray an Aboriginal person in traditional attire. An anonymous email was sent to call out the blatant racism. The response from Dolls Kills said that their company did not promote racism, and that the goal of the costume was to help customers display their individuality and originality for Halloween. The email then said that it was “pretty RIDICULOUS” (Huffington Post, web) to use the word “racist”, personally insulted the writer, and told him or her to take a chill pill because “it ain’t so serious cutie” Huffington Post, web).

There are many alarming elements in this situation. Unfortunately, this summary and response could never cover it all.  The history of cultural appropriation has been extremely negative, and there is no way that such an act could not be taken as degrading. The costume in question was not “that serious” (Huffington Post, web), which means that it was made to objectify and cheapen the Aboriginal material culture. To tell a person of color, or anyone, that their view of the situation is incorrect is not only demonstrating a complete lack of empathy, but it’s also denying that racism is still present in our society.

It is not because we live in in a modern society, where most of us have freedom, that the world is free of racism. Today, racism is subtle, and hard to point out and to prove in everyday actions. Comments like the ones that were present in the DollsKill response to the racist accusations, where the writer said that the company was not for the “easily offended culture norm” is only showing denial from the company, and it is clear that actions and should be taken in order to make the situation better.

In conclusion, racism is becoming a big problem in our society, since it’s become so hard to tell what is and isn’t racist, and where should the line be drawn. In this situation, the racism was obvious, but it was almost more in the e-mail response from the DollsKill Company to the complainer than in the product that was being accused of promoting cultural appropriation.




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