Racism among our youth

by 1030735 on October 28, 2014 - 4:16pm

The article “Black youths arrested by racist cops in Rochester, N.Y.” explains that three young black teenagers, no older than the age of 16 and 17 were arrested at a bus stop waiting to be picked up.  The three star athletes that were waiting for their team school bus to pick them up for their basketball game were spotted by police officers and were arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction. The three boys were trying to explain the situation to the officers, but the officers ignored them and arrested them anyways. The school bus showed up at the very same time the officers were arresting the teenagers, when the African American coach of the team stepped out to see what was going on the officers explained to the coach that if he did not leave the scene he would arrest him, and they went as far as saying that if they had a larger vehicle they would take them all in. The three teens were forced to pay 200$ in bail before they could be released. The charges were later dropped in the interests of justice.


I believe that the acts that took place that day were an embarrassment of how simple minded our cultures remains to be in the topic of racism. We are at a point where we get closer little by little as each day passes to abolish racism, but it is situations like these that pushes us 2 step backwards when we take one step forward. I think what bothers me the most is that the article doesn’t say what happened to the police officers. Were they punished or suspended in any way for their acts of “injustice” as the article would put it? If we keep saying that racism is bad and it needs to stop, then why don’t we make an example of those who commit such crimes? I’m not saying put them on the electric chair and be done with them, rather give them a large fine and/or give them time in prison. Saying it’s ok and the situation was dealt with and the charges were dropped isn’t enough, people need to understand that this has an influence on our youth, that it gives people a taste of a negative perspective of what the world is like, when there is a lot of good being done about these kind of things as well. Until people realise that racism is something that should have been left in the past, we can never move forward.

Article retrieved from:  http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1172153



The title of your post influenced me to read it. I believe that when it comes to the subject of young children or young adults, we need to read these kinds of problems. Therefore that is why I have chosen to read your post. I must agree with you that people are not showing evidence about trying to stop racism. It is true that most of the time people put the blame on others, and like in your post we do not know about the cops. We should not just be talking about what happened, we should also be talking about the evidence of racism that was done by certain people. For example in your subject it would be the cops. I also agree about the fact that people talk about stopping racism but do not take the steps necessary to do so. Like you, I believe that yes maybe their should be fines. I do not think that prison should be the first step. We should be giving people fines and trying to make them understand that what they did is wrong, and how they should not be doing it again. Then if they reproduce such a racism act, yes prison could maybe be a solution. It should be the solution when it is a matter of health and security. As I have learned this semester, we all need to be aware of the mistake that we are doing. Some of us are maybe not really aware of the wrong that they are doing. It is true because as an example, I am a white person and it never occurred to me at first that I had “white privileges.” Once I became aware of this, I tried to make an effort and think about my actions twice before doing them. I believe that we are all aloud a chance in society; it is just about the matter of learning from our mistakes. Of course there is some people that are just really racist and I wonder now if there would be a right way to make them stop being racist?