Montreal Is an Open City for Multiculturalism!

by Addes123 on September 30, 2014 - 5:57pm

           In the article “Montreal is open-minded, inclusive and tolerant” written by Javier Pérez Mandujano states that animals, are often more loving and has more respect and loyalty towards others than humans because individuals likes to be critical to one another. Mandujano was walking through Old Montreal and realized that his previous thoughts of the human kind was wrong. The city of Montreal is very open minded and accepting of other cultures, of other colors and of other sexual preferences. For example with the Little Italy and the gay village. It seemed that every citizen of Montreal has the freedom of racism. Mandujano also presents the fact that no matter what you wear, on one’s body or head, whatever symbol of religious beliefs is on a person’s body or not matter what the skin color is, everyone has respect for each other, they have understanding of what they are going through and their support. To sum up, Mandujano’s first thought of Montreal was that it was a very respectful city which included many different individuals.

            This article contains valid arguments but also contains bias opinions. It is true that Montreal has different citizens coming from all over the world. This means that there are many different nationalities, ‘races’ and religions. When somebody first visits this big city, I understand why they would think that it is an accepting place. But at the same time he doesn’t exactly know what every individual is going through in their personal life. For example, it may seem like they are the happiest people in the whole world, but in fact they are miserable because they are bullied every day due to their skin color or religion. This is why Mandujano’s opinions are bias. Even though Montreal contains many different kinds of people, it doesn’t mean that the people inside the city is accepting everyone else.


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I hope you will like what I have to say about this article.

I choose to comment on your article because your title draws my attention. I wondered how the author would justify that Montreal is open to multiculturalism.

I agree with you when you say that having a great cultural diversity does not guarantee that everybody is accepted. You mentioned in the summary of your article that the author thinks that Montreal is open to multiculturalism because of the neighborhoods designed to welcome different nationalities (e.g. little Italy). So to add to your argument, I think we can say that having these neighborhoods does not mean that people from different nationalities won’t face racism or won’t have trouble finding jobs. In my opinion, some people use this example of neighborhoods to deny that some other areas of our society are not open to multiculturalism. Denial is one of the discourses of democratic racism, which is one of the most common forms of racism in Canada.
So I was wondering if these neighborhoods really help minorities to feel more at home or it rather creates a feeling of being apart of society.

Your article draw me attention to wonder how is Montreal considered an open city for multiculturalism. I agree with you that in terms of diversity, Montreal is the place to visit if one wants to have a taste of different cultures. However, in terms of equality and open minds, I do not agree with what the author believes about Montreal. Yes, it has a lot to offer, but like you said, it does not justify anything or prove that there is no such thing as racism. I believe that people are ignorant and in denial about their racist attitudes and make the city seem to be a wonderful place to move in to. I often hear or see on the medias how Quebec is the province where everybody is welcome, yet my entourage and I know that it is not quite true. I love the fact that we see a lot of commercials asking people to come into our country. It is nice to see that humanity still exists in our values but, I believe it is unfair to those people who actually come to Canada, especially Montreal and is face to racism. Therefore I totally disagree with the author, I certainly do not think that Montreal is a complete open-minded city. The best thing to do would be to go into those different neighbourhoods and ask people how they really feel about living in Montreal since their arrival.

I completely agree with your post and I like that you agree to disagree. We are very multicultural here in Montreal but like you said, doesn’t mean everyone respects the different nationalities. Also maybe to add to your post, you could include some of the issues people in Montreal deal with such as racism towards Muslim with issues like the Charter of Values and racism towards the Aboriginals with the increasing amount of missing women and murder of many other Aboriginal women. I found a link which shows how a Muslim woman is mistreated because of her hijab. It show a French man telling her she needs to either take off her hijab or go home and telling her that Marois will make her take it off if they win. Well we know Marois didn’t win but that fact that racism towards Muslims is on the rise is repulsive. If Mandujano would maybe just watch the news and maybe sit in on some bus rides or metro rides, he’d see in an instant that just because we’re multicultural doesn’t mean that racism is at low.

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