Living in Multicultural environment, yet racist comments are being made on daily basics.

by Joannie on October 1, 2014 - 2:57pm

In the article by Josh Elliott “Multiculturalism Minister Target of Racist Remark”, Tim Uppal Is the first Canadian Minister to wear a turban in the House of Commons.  Tim Uppal tweeted about a remark that a woman said to him and his family when leaving the tennis court in Ottawa. The woman said, “ Are they members and added why can’t they play in the day? – They don’t have jobs.” A number of people responded by tweets to support and express their frustration to Uppal and his family.  The Minister then took the time to thank the people on Facebook for their supportive and concerned messages. The article describes that the Uppal felt like the comments from the woman were ignorant and disappointing to hear. The article also adds that he will be using this incident as an opportunity.


            You hear people say, “I am not racist”, ”Canada is not racist”(p.45).  You see situations like these happening frequently, some that we hear from and some that we don’t. Racist believes and practices are often invisible, to anyone who has not suffered from it”(p.45). People often prefer to ignore it, especially if they don’t see it. I Think situations like these need to be talk about more because it is happening in schools, in media and many more, jokes are being thrown in the air and taken lightly but words are harsh and can’t be taken back. In the article of “Multiculturalism Minister Target of Racist Remark” by Josh Elliot, it is disturbing to see that a young women has made a comment on a men and his family that is wearing a turban and is of different color. It was not only any men it was the Minister of Multiculturalism.  A man who works to try and make this place more equal and fair. I was shocked to read this article. This lady based her comments on her prejudice that she has. This is being racist.  The strength of this article is there is the of opinion from Uppal and how he felt. Uppal said that this should be an opportunity for parents and educators to teach their children about respecting others. I strongly believe that this should be a learning experience for everyone not only children. Another strength is the tweets they added from the people responding to Uppal like this one guy who tweeted “That is a terrible thing, Canada 2014 really?”. The weakness of this article is it lacked details, and reaction what I mean by this is that it was a short article and I knew I might have trouble doing a response or summary on it but I took this article because I think this is happening in everyday life, and it is a topic that a lot if not mostly everyone can relate to and has been effected by. 


I wasn’t aware of this issue before reading your post and found it really interesting and remarkable. I never realize on the fact that racism exists in Canada. We all know that Canada is one of the countries that have the most diverse cultures. One of the things I noticed while reading your post was the problem that Canada is a racism country but it just not shown in an obvious way since many Canadians ignore and pretend that it doesn’t exist. Therefore, the racism problem did never have a chance to be resolve. We can intersect this fact to the subject of gender that I have learned in class. People thought that we’re living a world where there’s less racism and no more sexism. But they’re actually wrong. Women still got discriminate by so many people these days even though it’s not obvious the way they did it. Music lyrics, video games, advertisements and fashions ads are the factors that we can still find racism and sexism but they are just not noticeable to us. Finally, I find the link below will maybe interest you on the fact that racism and sexism are still alive:

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