Fundamentally Racist People Help To Bring Out The Best in Us

by anniedubeee on September 30, 2014 - 3:22pm

In the article “Obama says comments reportedly made by Clippers owner are 'incredibly offensive' and 'racist'” in the Huffington Post, by Julie Pace, the reader is introduced to the Donald Sterling case, and the reactions it got from various people after its presence in the medias. In April, Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and millionaire business man told his girlfriend that she was embarrassing him by posing on Instagram with a black man. He then told her that she shamed him by bringing “black” people to the basketball games of the teams he owned. The full 15-minute conversation was meant for the private ear, but was recorded, and sent to TMZ and released to the public. It was not the first time Sterling was caught in a racism scandal.

 The main response is the one given in the presidential conference by none other than President Obama of the United States of America. The main idea of this article was to prove that even though there still are racist individuals in our society, most people have evolved, and think of this ideology as tragic and discriminatory. When a journalist asked President Obama about his opinion on the situation, he said that when someone ignorant says these dreadful things about others, there isn’t much that can be done.” He then concluded his statement by saying that the only good thing about this story, is that it outraged so many people, which demonstrates how America has changed since the slavery days.  He also mentioned the importance the education young children are given, and how their ideas will shape our tomorrow.

            I thought that it was awful that a man could think in such discriminatory ways, and talk about “people of color” in the most obvious and discriminatory forms. He displayed the characteristics of a White Supremacist by talking in a way that suggested that other races couldn’t be trusted, and weren’t as smart as “white” people. Since most of the content that was covered in class since the beginning of the semester was meant for us to see races as a socially constructed concept, and explained that people of color only have skin genes that vary, but it is not the cause of their behavior and other physical characteristics. There are so many ways to classify a person; genes, eye color, means of sexual selection, and many more! It is a shame that Donald Sterling chose the one that is more a result of natural selection from their African descent.

The response that Mr. Obama gave to the press wasn’t strong and didn’t demonstrate a desire to bring change to the problem of racism in the American society. At some point, he said that there wasn’t much to do about it. This is a deception, because it proves the theory that the dominant group, which is usually the one in power, is generally committed to maintain or increase their power, rather than redefine reality for those who are victim of discrimination. I think he didn’t send the proper message to those who can be influenced easily, and in a way, excused those.

            The good thing about this article though, is that it got such a high amount of negative attention. It sows that people have progressed and now think that judging someone by their skin, and associating certain characteristics, such as sexual sadism is unacceptable. The article, in terms of its content doesn’t mirror society. This is good because it’s a marker for our changing opinions about races, and makes it possible to hope that human taxonomy won’t be such a prominent and necessary classification model in our modern society.

            In conclusion, it is sad that fundamentally racist people still thrive in today’s modern society, and it is regrettable that their racism is being excused by the way they were brought up. One is never too old to learn better, and change the views he or she has about people of color and his or her own “race”. It would do good to Donald Sterling, and the rest of the world, if he learned through the racist scandals he’s caused and acted like a responsible citizen. It would also help if President Obama recognized the presence of racism in the American society, so that actions could be done to solve the problem. Instead of handing down the responsibility of retributive justice to the NBA, the American government could choose to cut the tensions between the group that suffers the consequences of racial discrimination, and the one that oppresses, by being the dominant culture. Racism is a problem in today’s world that has yet to be solved, but urgently needs to!










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The reason that I decided to read this specific post was because the title really caught my attention. The title caught my eye because when you think of racism, you do not really think that people being racist bring the best out of us. I agree that it is sad that President Obama didn't take more of a stand on racism, he is in such a high position of power that instead of talking about how America progressed, he could actually make more progress as well instead of just making a comment about it, almost like he is denying it. When it comes to racism, many people still deny it, this would be the discourse of denial, it seems that while Obama is acknowledging the comment made by Sterling, he is not outright saying that racism still exists, which is disappointing. I think that if more people in power would recognize instead of denying that there is still racism, that racism will slowly start to cease.

I have to be honest. As soon as I saw the name “Donald Sterling” something clicked, and that’s what brought me to this article. I vaguely remember someone making racist comments about a certain Luol Deng, but apparently I got Donald Sterling confused with Danny Ferry, general manager of the Atlanta Hawks.

To continue with your article, you say that Donald Sterling acts like a white supremacist. I feel like you misinterpreted, as he’s not advocating a racist ideology. Rather, to put it in a crass fashion, he’s being quite the douche. Worse yet, not only does this man have a history of being racist but he’s also sexist. To that end, I agree with the title of your post but disagree that he’s merely “displaying the characteristics of a white supremacist” as that doesn’t bring to light the totality of his offenses. For the record, this is the link I found concerning the sexist commentary I made reference to earlier:

In conclusion, as an allusion to the title of your article I hope you’re right. Somebody needs to wake people up as to what’s going on in America because it isn’t just an NBA owner being racist and sexist either.