Are Blacks Really To Blame?

by emjones on October 27, 2014 - 9:48pm

The article “Rise Above Racism by Sticking Together” by William M Grace published on February 19th 2013, focuses mainly on the fact that African Americans do not help their situation by just sitting around and blaming the whites. The article states that there is no denying that black people are victims of discrimination, in many aspects of life, but that they cannot just sit around playing the “blame game”. The author then compares African American groups to Vietnamese people that are just entering the United States, and how these people look to themselves and others of their community for answers and help. He then goes on to discuss that blacks have to take responsibility and help themselves, that no one else is going to go out of their way to help them and that black people have to take care of themselves and their “kind”. Grace makes a point of saying that for too long black people have “permitted self-hatred” and that it is time that they take a stand. They need to see the positive and focus on the good that they can do or the knowledge that they have and to stop focusing on the negative and letting it impact their lives.



            This is a very powerful article, it is motivating and positive solution to the problem of racism. Obviously, there is no denying that blacks have been and continue being victims of racism. This article makes a great point of how black people need to stop blaming white people and that they need to take care of their own culture and embrace it. I think that this a great strength of the article seeing how it is inspiring to many people, and personally I agree that African Americans need to start making a name for themselves. There is absolutely no reason why a black person cannot be as good as a white person, and there is nothing a white person can do that a black person can’t. Seeing as it is scientifically proven that “race” does not exist, there is no reason that black people should continued to be repressed. They need to keep their chins up and embrace their differences.  One thing that I do not agree with one hundred percent is that black people are still so evidently victims of racism, now that may be naïve but I just do not people that black people are still treated as poorly as they were. Black and white should not even be a difference that people distinguish. Color does not define a person, and that what this article is trying to prove, by saying that blacks need to ban together and take care of their “name”.

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Yes I do agree that African Americans do tend to play the blame game on whites. yes I do agree that African Americans have to take responsibility for ourselves, and take care of one another. but we have to member that African Americans are the descendants of African slaves. so the mind of a slave has been pasted down throw the generations. even after being freed from slavery. we must also member that African slaves where stripped of their culture, language, history, trial elders and Education. once this has happened you loose your since of identity and can be easily molded into something else. in my opinion African Americans no longer have elders to teach them Wright from wrong.
I agree with the article saying that African Americans have been dealing with self hatred for far to long and we do need to take stand. I believe that the origin of self hatred began with the lies that the Europeans where preaching to the slaves in order to keep them down. the reason why slaves where uneducated was because the white knew that if they where educated that it would be extremely difficult to keep Africans as slave.
yes I believe that black people should stop blaming white people for their failures, but that will not happen until white people change the flawed laws in this country. this is the reason why black people in the United States don't trust the government. we don't trust the government because a lot of these cops and senators and doctors behind closed doors are underneath the white hood of the KKK.

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