Whites and Blacks inequality battle for survival

by samchaussé on September 30, 2014 - 10:21pm

This article “Michael Brown Shooting: Why Black Americans Believe They're Targeted By Police” talks about a young black teenager who got shot by police in Missouri. Ever since this incident happened African Americans in that area feel like there are tense relations between them and the police. This young boy who was shot while walking in his home town by a white police officer. Not only was this teenager shot but also killed by those gun shots then later on caused a riot in his home town. It was said the officer had no reasons to shoot, that boy was unarmed. African American in this community feel targeted since police officers are white and that they have a majority over them. Whites seem to have better experiences with the cops than Africans Americans; they have reported they have been treated rudely and disrespectfully. Whites reported to have been treated fairly and polite during their encounters. Lastly this article talks about how police officers should be less discriminating against African Americans even though they might have assumptions about them and how they acted.


CBC. "Michael Brown Shooting: Why Black Americans Believe They're Targeted By Police." Huffington    post 13 Aug. 2014: 1. Print.




I agree with what you are saying, police have a bad view on African American because of the gang violence, drugs and other gang related stuffs. I’m not going to support the police, but most of the violence that happens are made by black American from the past to now black American made themselves a bad reputation. If black American stops the gang wars and drugs, the police might not stop or shoot black men. Because of the gang violence it makes the cops think that all black people are bad not just men but women too. It even happens that black cops pull over a black male just to see if they’re up to no good. This shows that even your own race may think that you’re a bad person because of the violence made by the black Americans.
Its not always about the race you are but religion too how that race/religion affects the society, same thing goes to Muslims because of the terrorist attack on 9/11 all Muslims are terrorist. It’s all about how that race did in society that gets a negative effect on the color of a person and religion.

I agree African Americans most probably made themselves a bad reputation but should that have caused an unarmed teenager deaths walking home? Religion true might have an impact but I would think more on an individual level and not as a whole. As for the Muslims it's true I haven't thought about it actually but it's true we do see them as terrorists when some aren't and won't hurt a fly.

African Americans do seem to be targeted quite often due to their race. These African Americans have every right to be afraid and take feeling tense amongst the police. The police should make you feel safe, not as if you did something wrong. Sadly, it appears people in this world have difficulty to grasp a concept such as humanity and that you are what you make of yourself. No one should be judged based on their race. Whether this young man was remarkably put together or not, we wouldn’t be able to know based on the media. Those who speak to the media about a death will most likely say something along the lines of the victim being innocent and good. It isn’t necessarily only based on race though. What I have learnt that can relate to this best would be racial privileges. Basically, privilege means to navigate through social systems based on your gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, and class. Men who are straight and Caucasian seem to have a lot of privilege whereas straight Caucasian women would follow close behind.

Here’s a link I found that talks about an example about racial privilege that gives an example and explains further in detail.


First of all, I would to start by saying that I like the title you chose, as it is a big problem worldwide and it generalizes it well. It is true, this issue has been around for a while now and still, almost three years after this article was written, there are still inequalities and black men are still shot for no rational reason. However, I think the summary you did could be a little bit more detailed in the events and you could have insert a personal view and stating your opinion. Like that, the summary could be more informative and catchy. Last September of 2016, a behavior therapist was shot innocently because he was sitting in the street with his autistic patient. The African Americans still continue to fight for this inequality of races. Even if people’s opinion about differences continues to open, there is still a long path to go for everyone to feel equal.
Here is the link to the article mentioning the behavior therapist shot: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jul/21/florida-police-shoot-bla...