Stop denying your past, it doesn't change what happened

by mcfee.c on September 29, 2014 - 10:41am

The article “Denver-area students accuse school board of censoring U.S. history” written on September 26 2014 by Kelly Wallace in CNN talks about how the Jefferson County school board in Denver, USA wants to change the way students are taught their history. The proposal written by the school board said that they wanted students to be taught respect for authority and that they should not disobey the authority as well, Jefferson County wants their students to see America in a more positive light. This cause many students to protest in outrage, because they thought it was wrong of their school board to want to censure their history, that they have the right to know the good and the bad. While the students believe that censuring history is wrong, many people on the school board believe that the idea of not teaching the students certain aspects of history is not censorship, but that they are teaching the students in a more traditional way that involves balance and respect along with having a voice as a community. In the end the decision to rewrite history so to speak, is not confirmed that it will actually happen yet, and for the most part the people part of the school board decided not to comment at this moment. 


I believe that while in this article it is not stated outright, that the Jefferson County school board wants to not teach the students about slavery and how they were treated, though they way the author writes this article it is heavily implied that it is exactly what the school board wants to do. Wallace, the author mention that many students that were protesting this decision they all seemed to bring up slavery, or what happened in Hiroshima, this all has to do with the problem of “race” or that America is racist. If you look at the definition of the the word “racism” it mentions that one group had power over another based on their skin colour, and in this case the more obvious being white americans having power over black slaves, which students seem the believe that the school board wants to hide this part of their history. Considering that many of the school board members seem to think that what they want to do is not censuring history, but making it a choice of the community seems to be a cover up. The idea of not teaching students all of their history, seems to be like that they, the school board, want to kind of make it seem like all of the bad stuff that happened, that American’s did not ever do anything wrong to other people, it is like they are denying the fact that all of it occurred. This is much like Canada, where many Canadians forgot all the bad stuff they did to others, that we, like America had racist laws that shaped the way we are today as well.  It just seems that this specific school board of Jefferson County wants to take it one step forward in erasing all of the terrible things that happened to people of colour by the hands of the majority group. 



Wallace,K. (2014, September 26).Denver-area students accuse school board of censoring U.S. history. CNN. Retrieved from living/censoring-history-schools-denver-protest/


I agree with your idea, that it is not by burying information, that a people can forget racist policies and practices. What I thought was particularly great about your article, was that your thesis was present in the title. This post was interesting, because it dealt with the way great societies deal in order to "heal" from a different period and how they are able to explain this period to the population. In many great industrial societies where there were terrible political racist practices, there were always policies that were implemented to make sure such thing would never happen again.
What I thought was particularly shocking, is that the school authority, and the government from the Denver area, are trying to hide that racism was so present in every societal aspects in the recent history. By doing so, it becomes impossible to educate people on the importance of a racist free society, and silences so many victims of racism, slavery, and related practices.

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