Racism Live In Canada

by Robin on September 29, 2014 - 8:44pm

Racism Live in Canada

By: Robin Coward

            Racism has become a big concern for many “races”; the racisms that they face have a huge impact on different aspects of their lives. In an article written by Fariha Naqvi-mohamed I Took My Kids to The Movies and Got Called a “F-ing Terrorist”, was written as a firsthand account of racism within Canada. Fariha and her husband had taken their daughter and several of her friends to the movies for an evening matinee screening. However like most eight and nine year olds the children were a little noisy slipping their drinks loudly and laughing, Fariha had asked the boys to be quiet. The women next to the children turned around and yelled at them saying “You are so annoying” but this women was also using her cell phone for about 20 minutes during the film. Fariha had asked the women to please put her phone away because the light was bright and it was in fact rude to everyone around her; the women started to use profane language. Fariha did not want to cause a scene but was upset by what this woman was saying so she went to get the theater manager. The woman continued to make comments about Fariha’s
“race”, the theater manager asked the women to leave the theater but before leaving in front of the entire theater the woman yelled “F-ing Terrorist” several times. Fariha was shocked and spent the rest of the movie thinking about how the children felt during this whole incident.

            I find this article to be an good example of how easy it is for people to make assumptions or rather categorize people based on events that have happened or just stereotypical assumptions. In this case it just so happens that young children had to witness this event firsthand. A lot of the time people make assumptions based on their “race” much like that women did, she implied that because Fariha was a Muslim that she was a terrorist. Fariha is a Muslim woman who was born and raised in Canada and feels as though Canada is her home which I think is something most people tend to overlook. People who are in the majority category tend to think that because a person is of a certain skin color they are not really Canadian. I think it is horrible that majority of “white” people tend to make minority groups feel as though they are not welcome here in Canada, essential it is their home as much as it is the “white” peoples home; As well as labelling an entire racial group as ‘bad’ because of events that have happened in the past. I would also like to point out that in this scenario, children were involved; these children did not do anything to gain the racial profiling that this woman was doing and it teaches children that using racial profiling is okay to an extent where many normalize it. It is just wrong on several accounts; children should not have to worry about being victims of racism but rather live a happy life and enjoy things with their friends such as going to the movies with their friends. On the other hand, this article could be a seen as a biased account since it was Fariha who had been a victim of racism and written about it. Another thing that may have made this article more powerful would have been if Fariha had added what a definition of race and racism, so that it would give a better understanding to the readers of the actions taking place within the incident.


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I chose to comment on this post because it's interesting to read on the evidence that contradicts the known stereotype of Canadians being "too nice" to be racist, that it's impossible to see racism in Canada. It is also interesting to see how the article was actually a personal experience, instead of the traditional objective reporting. I do agree with the author, saying that people are so quick to want to categorize others on the little information they have at their disposal. Also, I agree with the reality of xenophobia in Canadian society pointed out in this post, as it is something that most Canadians want to ignore, and even deny. However, I do wonder, what if we were to bring up children without exposing them at all to the concept of race, to the concept of categorizing different people based on their skin color and their known stereotypes? Would the children simply live on, naturally treating everybody just as equally? Or would they naturally categorize others?