Protests against Racism Change Policies in Morocco

by bil.a. on September 28, 2014 - 10:27am

     The article “Dozens Demonstrate in Morocco against racism” by Associated Press in The Washington Post on September 11th, 2014 explains that many activists in Morocco having a rare process after the murder or a migrant from Senegal. They are having this protest a year after Morocco changed new policies regarding immigration to make it easier for new immigrants in Morocco to have their status legalized. Charles Ndour was on a visit in Tangiers with pals when he was suddenly attacked and stabbed back in August. The day following the murder they protested for his murder and other numerous attacks upon migrants in Morocco by residents, which police intervened and conducted to arrest many of them and also deport a big portion of the protestors also. A woman stood in front of the Parliament and said the Ndour was killed because he has dark skin and said that he was now the sixth African to be killed in the last year due to skin colour. The following week of this attack the government arrested those who were involved in the killing of Ndour. Meetings were then held in Casablanca with African representatives in order to find ways to make it safer and find more sufficient ways for migrants coming from Africa to Morocco to help their daily lives.

     I feel that most people in this world often tend to think that racism doesn’t lead to many things and that it is just a concept that has no negative effects and countries tend to deny those issues and wait until something major happens. From this article it makes us able to see that people everywhere around the world are getting killed based on their skin colour. Racism is something that is extremely present in our world today. Not many things are being done in order to at least try and change this whole concept of racism. Although it is true that there is a lot of racism involving “white” people towards “blacks” there is racism that does go on with other “races” as well. I strongly agreed there were protests against numerous attacks and killings in Morocco involving racism and that it lead for the government to have meetings to make changes for safer lives in Morocco. The thing that bothers me when things like these happen is that the government had to wait until something big happens in their country before taking anything into action and making changes. No country should wait until an event makes news internationally before taking things into their own hands to make the life of residents better and safer. Sadly in many countries just like in the United States have racist ideologies that lead to attacks involving racism happening every day and they wait until something makes news around the world before taking action. Although there is nothing specific in the article that I disagree with, I do disagree that they decide to only talk about one specific case about racism in this country and don’t address in further details what other cases that have happened throughout the year as if they were trying to leave it out, but they knew that it had to be mentioned. If people do nothing about it nothing will ever change and some people in Morocco did do something about it and did end up having a significant effect to try and have changes in that country revolving around racism.


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