Halloween costumes gone to far!

by samchaussé on October 28, 2014 - 2:42pm

London Ontario is home to many people, it is known to be the city of students, but also as the “white city”. Being a black kid in a white city will be hard, especially if they constantly hear racist and inappropriate comments based on their ethnicity or even skin color. Also being the only kid of color with two other friends in the whole dormitory can be hard too. One night out in a club called Jacks, after their first shot they see white kids dressed as blackface. They never thought they would see such a thing in a public place, nor did they understand what the whole purpose of doing this was. They brought up a very good point: “should we as non-white people, dress up for Halloween as “white face”, the consequences would be much more serious, and potentially life-threating”. They are right if they did it, we white people wold probably punish them severely.

Where does the line drop, when has it gone too far?

Should people get to dress up for Halloween as whatever they please for plain fun and kicks? 


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The reason why I was interested in reading your post was because of its title “Halloween costume gone too far”. The subject is similar to material raised in my “Race and Racism” class where we discussed controversial Halloween costumes. In your article you describe how a couple of white students, who were from a predominately Caucasian town, dressed in black face; there seemed to be no negative reaction to the costume. You then stated that if black people were to disguise themselves in white face (in the same city) the consequences would have been “much more serious and potentially life threatening”. On a “worldly scale”, I believe that black people who dress up as “white people” are perceived as less racist because there is no time in history when they dominated and discriminated against white people for the color of their skin; the “white race” was always the dominant one. On the other hand, in this predominantly white town, I do believe that the consequence for black people disguised as “white face” would have created more controversy, but not on a “life threatening level”. Regardless of which situation is more “racist” than the other (black face or white face), I believe that individuals should just find costumes that avoid any racist or negative connotations. It is unnecessary and disrespectful to wear provocative costumes of this nature, END OF STORY!!!

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