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The article ‘’ Ward 2 Candidate’s sign vandalized with racist graffiti’’ by Jenny Yuen in the Toronto Sun journal from October 11th 2014 explains a tragic gesture that has been done towards a 22 years old Somali-Canadian girl named Munira Abukar. One of her friends had seen her candidate Ward 2 campaign board filled with graffiti’s and then, told her about it. On the Campaign board it was written ‘’ Go back home,’’ the people who did this gesture also added on the top of her name the word bitch.  Munira Abukar thought that it was shocking and mean. It also frustrated her. She wonders how people could actually do this. Her parents even took it more personal because they faced a lot of racism when arriving to Canada and now they have to go threw it again, but this time with their child. They also brought the sing back home with them, afraid that other people would feel triggered and feel distressed by it. Now Munira Abukar is going to file a police report about what happened. Finally, Doug Ford the current councilor for Ward 2 is also calling this gesture disgusting and defending her. He would want, for the people who have done this to be thrown in jail.


In my opinion, the graffiti that was done on the campaign board was very disturbing and mean.  It was not only the drawings that made it terrible, it was also the writing that was written on it. I think that the people who are from a racial minority felt embarrassed by this.  I believe it sends out a negative message to the majority group, that it’s not right to be different. It evokes people to think that the minority group is less powerful and leads to more racism.   This kind of discrimination is not only humiliating but also denies equal opportunities and in this case we are talking about a campaign.  The article’s strength was the sayings that Munira Abukar and Doug Ford said. It demonstrates her feelings and what this young girl and what Ford really think about this situation. I believe that is was unnecessary in this news to intergrate another person that was told to go back home to. It was a bit out of the subject since she was not participating to this campaign, she only tweeted about it. Clearly the focus should be the person being discriminated against; Munira Abukar. I totally agree that something should be done about this. These people who did this should be charged for doing such a thing. Too add we should not encourage this act, instead impose on the fact that it is racism and that it ruins a reputation, such as the one of Munira Abukar. 

Yuen, J.Y (2014). Ward 2 Candidate’s sign vandalized with racist graffiti. TorontoSun,


My purpose for writing is because I agree with you, whoever did do this is very disgusting. I even think they are childish for doing this. I totally agree with you that is does send a negative message. I also believe something should be done but throwing them in jail as you said Rob Ford wanted, would it really solve anything? Just because the people who did this act are in jail it will not stop other people from doing it, maybe having a huge fine and maybe jail time will discourage people from doing this.
As I was reading I was thinking about what they actually wrote on the poster and it makes me laugh. Meaning we do not know these people personally so how can anyone make such a comment about someone in a campaign they do not know just shows how immature they truly are and personally I think this just to "rebel" to be "cool".
I believe you are completely right, that we should not encourage this act and how it can be seen as racist and I can't image how she and her family might feel.

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