Four years before the soccer World Cup in Russia, Racism is still present in Moscow

by C_herve9 on September 29, 2014 - 10:57pm

Four years before the World Cup in Russia, Racism is still present in Moscow


The article ‘’CSKA Moscow: Russian side punished again for racist abuse’’ published by the BBC Sport (British Broadcasting Corporation) have shocked several football fans around the world. Indeed, in November 2013, the Football Club of CSKA Moscow, one of the most influent clubs in Russia, has been caught of multiple racist actions during a Champions League match at home against the British club of Manchester City. During the game, Yaya Toure, a player of Manchester City, was victim of racist chants and symbols from the Russian fans.  As a punishment for their act, the Russian club will have to pay a fined of 50 000 euros and play their next Champions League game at home behind closed doors, which means with no spectators on the stadium. According to the European Football government (UEFA), this sanction is support by the fact that CSKA Moscow has already previous records related to racist behaviour by their fans. The next World Cup would be played in Russia in 2018 and some black players such as Yaya Touré are thinking about boycotting it.


After having read this article, I was, first, very shocked by the issue presented. Then, I realize that there is a particular weakness about this article, which is the complete lack of examples to support some accusation about the Russian football club CSKA Moscow. I personally think that this article is not showing me enough evidences to have a clear position on this issue. It is hard to evaluate the sanction received by the football club of CSKA Moscow without being able to know what were the accused chants and the racist symbols shown by their supporters. However, nowadays, with the equipment that has each European club in their stadiums, everything is recorded, saved and captured. This is why it is easy for the UEFA to investigate on these types of issues and be sure of the right intention of people suspected.


According to the article, black players were the ones that were attacked by the chants. These oppressions by the Russian fans are supporting the ideology that racism is a concept communicated and spread to maintain a certain racial inequality. Although, I do not think that the club in question should be accused of racism like the title tend to stipulate. It should have a separation between the institution and the supporters because, in this situation, the supporters are the ones to blame.







I always knew that there was racism in sports, but I was not aware of how visible it still is today. Reading this post made me think about how close we are from vanishing racism, or if that'll ever happen. Being a soccer player I see this problem everyday, but I just assumed that it had to do with maturity and that it would go away in the future. The article mentions racist comments that were thrown at the African player, Yaya Toure. Racism is always brought out by the media when it has to do with celebrities, or famous sports players. We've all heard about the racist remarks against PK Subban last year, but what about all the racism/ gender issues that goes on in sports that aren't viewed on TV. Women already have a hard time fitting in with the gender stereotypes in sports, now what happens when you add racism to that? A few years ago the Quebec Soccer Federation banned muslim women who wear a Hijab from playing soccer. They said it was too dangerous, but these girls have been playing for so long without this being a problem. This caught a lot of attention, and was seen as racism. From personal experience I know that women don't get as much attention in sports as men do. Women as seen as the weaker sex, and are always brought down in sports. Having issues like racism being thrown in that mix just makes it harder. I am happy to say that the ban on Hijabs was lifted this year... We are one step closer. When the soccer association made this ban, there were many angry people. Here is a humorous link to show how ridiculous people thought this issue was. It will make you laugh, but it's true.

I agree with what the author is trying to say that the football club CSKA Moscow it’s not there fault on what the fans say during the the football game. I believe that the club is responsible for the actions that their fans took against Manchester City’s Yaya Toure during a Champions League game. I think the punishment that the UEFA give to the Russian club received was a slap on the wrist for what the fans did was not acceptable and I think than should have gotten a bigger punishment. The worst part of this is that Yaya Toure is thinking about boycotting the 2018 world cup in Russia I think that’s very sad to see that a player does not wanna go to the world cup because of the racist chants to Yaya Toure. The thing that I would have like is if the author would have said how the players of CSKA Moscow felt on how the fans reacted to Yaya Toure and how the color players of CSKA Moscow felt on the way they own fans were acting towards a black player.

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