Is Ebola Causing Racism?

by bil.a. on October 27, 2014 - 11:34pm


            The article "Ebola, Race and Fear" by Anthony Zurcher discusses the issues of the Ebola disease, and how people from African countries are being targeted with racist remarks towards this disease.  A New Jersey High School sent home two students that were from Rwanda for 21 days, Universities in Texas has sent out letters to students from disease free Nigeria stating that they are no longer taking any applicants that are from that part of Africa. There was also a school principle that went to Zambia, a country in Africa where there are no confirmed cases of Ebola, was put on administrative leave for a full week. Zurcher explains how this disease is now being portrayed as being associated with black people and because of that it is feeding on the idea of racism in Western parts of the United States. He talks about how people in Dallas who have an accent and are black are targeted due to the fact that the first victim who dies of Ebola in the United States was a black male from Dallas, therefore every black male from Dallas is supposedly infectious. Zurcher then goes to say that writers say that they have come up with a theme that gathers all of these incidents together, that is of racism.


            When reading this article I was clearly able to see how the whole epidemic of Ebola is creating racism and discrimination towards the African American population across America. This is creating a racist ideology on Africans around the todays. I agree when Zurcher says that all these incidents have led to racism. In his statements we do not hear of any 'white' individuals who have received unfair treatments by their workforce and only people of African origins. When that University in Texas sent out letters to fellow applicants from Nigeria, I felt like they were discriminating the continent of Africa as a whole because even though there are no confirmed cases of Ebola in Nigeria, they still did not want any students who were somewhat 'close' to certain countries who have had confirmed cases of this disease. One strength in Zurcher's article was that he was able to prove to the readers that the disease is sparking racism in the world by gathering different incidents that all lead to the same thing. This is also causing racial profiling with African Americans on a different level. Although law enforcement isn't really taken, as said previously they are gathering a specific group of people.



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