Diversity in the workforce: the key of success!

by Pascale.Bastien on October 28, 2014 - 2:10pm

The article “The Business Case for Diversity in the Tech Industry” by Farhad Manjoo in the New York Times from September 26, 2014 explains why Google has such a strong desire to have cultural diversity amongst employees. For this multinational corporation, what they call “diversity” is essential since it is a key element for their business’s performance and success. Google sees diversity from a different perspective than most companies do. For them, hiring people from different origins is more than a simple desire to be politically correct. The researcher responsible for Google’s diversity training workshop justifies that having employees coming from different parts of the world working together is very beneficial. In fact, a research confirmed that having people from different ethnicities within a group increases performance and creativity. Since employees have different strengths, skills, and backgrounds, diversity group’s work is of better quality. Moreover, Google’s products end up being more representative of people’s needs since employees give different feedbacks according to their community’s norms and interests. In sum, diversity for Google is the crucial component that allows for innovations and new products that will satisfy everybody around the globe.


Google’s perception of diversity is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to emphasize the strengths of diversity; more employers should think the same. I agree with everything that was said in the article “The Business Case for Diversity in the Tech Industry”. It was very convincing since the main point of the paper, which states that diversity groups perform better, is backed up with research and expert opinions. I was glad to know that Google does not hire employees from diverse ethnicities only to be “politically correct”. I think businesses hire many ethnicities in order not to be targeted as racist. Rather than teaching people how to tolerate diversity, we should spend more time looking at the positive aspects of diversity. I think it would become a lot more natural for people to include individuals from different origins in their life and at work, especially since everybody can benefit from it. In Google’s situation, diversity in their workforce is mandatory since it results in better teamwork, which leads to improved performance. However, this positive perception about diversity probably did not come up instinctively. Google had to analyzed the impacts of group diversity in order to understand how beneficial it was. People should be proud of their differences and should realize how essential they are for the workforce as well as for the society. “Race” is politically constructed and is maintained today by social constructions, beliefs, and practices. Unfortunately, this concept is mostly use to negatively categorize people. I think we should modify our perception towards a more positive one so that one day we can acknowledge that diversity is the key to success!

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I decided to respond to this post because the title caught my attention. I totally agree that in the workforce, there has to be different ‘’races’’. The choice of article is really great and I really enjoyed it. These days, a lot of employers don’t hire someone because of their skin color or their ‘’race’’. Black people or people of a different background have a harder time to find a job and I found this really sad. It’s not because there are not white that there are less intelligent and less good workers. I worked several times with people of different ethnicity and I found that these persons were really good workers and were doing the job really nicely.
I agree with you when you say that diversity is beneficial and has a positive impact in people’s work. Google is a great example of diversity and this article should be read by every business leader. Like you, I was glad to learn that Google doesn’t hire people of different ‘’races’’ to be ‘’politically correct’’ but rather for the positive outcomes. Google is a worldwide business and everywhere in the world people use this site for many different purposes so it’s good that they have workers from different culture so this site could be more complete.
Everyone should have the same right to work where they want as long as they have necessary studies or specific criteria for the job. Will Google be a model for others company?