Moncton shootings

by EmmaGonzalez on June 10, 2014 - 1:16pm


Title: Three RCMP officers shot dead in Moncton, N.B., manhunt on for suspect.

User: EmmaGonzalez

Class: Psychology of mental health


Three RCMP officers were shot and killed, along with two others whom where injured, by a 24 year old man from Moncton wearing camouflage and carrying two rifles. The incident happened Wednesday, June 4th when police received calls from residents reporting about a man dressed in camouflage carrying two riffle guns and also reporting gunshots. The shooter seemed to be on a rampage, shooting at anyone who came in his way. It is hard to say what exactly happened, besides the fact that the shooter was going around shooting RCMP officers, but in my opinion I believe that the shooter had some sort of mental illness. The incident was very much similar to a “school shooting” situation where the individual walks around shooting people. The shooters in those types of situations typically have very bad depression, which is what I think the Moncton shooter has. Given the information that he was wearing camouflage might suggest that he had a desire to be an officer himself at one point but was probably rejected, which set him off the edge and made him hate police/RCMP officers, causing him to go off on a shooting rampage. It is hard to prevent these types of situations because people with depression, especially if they are older, don’t really talk about what is going on in their head and will usually pretend that everything is ok. The only way this could have possible been prevented was if the individual seeked outside help for himself. 


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