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by joeycheaib on June 22, 2014 - 8:20pm




This is a really cool idea. Obviously their original intentions were to help other dealing with obesity, but they can also help their community in another way; by getting people with different mental disorders to join the program. People with these disorders also aren’t given the chance to get involved and play sports. So by involving them also, they would be helping the people dealing with the disorders by giving them the chance to meet others and the exercise would be great for them mentally. 










Maybe they need to look at this in a different way. Instead of trying to build or find more shelters, they could try to give them treatment for mental health problems and try to get them back on track. Then they would not need to stay in that shelter and someone else could take their place. So instead of just giving them a place to stay, help them with the disorders that are hurting them so they can get back to living independent from organizations