Transition to College with Mental Health Issues

by marcovitti on September 13, 2015 - 12:11pm

So this is the time of year that students from high school are starting college except for Luis. Luis has a bipolar disorder and suffers from a brain injury that is in the process of slowly healing. Luis get's deperesion crisis were he must get hospitalized and it is costing his mother thousands of dollars each time. This has put them in a situation were they ask themselves if college is necessary for Luis. Luckily at college's they have disability services we're they get the help they need, such has extra time during a test or even there own private class in case they have anxiety like Luis has. I believe that Luis has the capabilities of succeding he just needs to get on his path and move forward at a good pace. The mother Beth puts herself down but she shouldnt she should be positive and appreciate the little things that Luis has going for him because every day is a new day and i give props to her for pulling this long an working two jobs for Luis. Luis recently got a job whiich is a great help for his family finnancially. Also his goal is to work and then pay his way to college which is fantastic because it hsows how much he wants to succed and enjoy in life. This is a sign of maturity. I wish the family the best and i hope that students with mental disabilities or disorders speak to the school adviser to get the help they need and also get the positive feedback were they say college will be hard but you will succeed. 

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