Mental Health Services

by stephman on November 4, 2015 - 11:38pm

This article speaks about the issues in the United Kingdom with children being referred to mental health services. Although these children are being referred by their general practitioners, one fifth are denied their services. According to research by the NSPCC, out of 186, 453 cases, close to 40,000 young people were turned away including some whose problems stemmed from abuse. The child and Adolescent Mental Health Services are supposed to help with a variety of problems like eating disorders, the effects of abuse or traumatic events, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, self harm and violent behavior. However, many children do not receive help because they do not meet the criteria. In six different clinics, one in six children who had problems with neglect or abuse were rejected. Although the government in the United Kingdom said it was increasing funding for mental health services to meet the demands, this is still a very critical issue. The article points out that by not addressing these children’s needs right now, there will be larger problems in the future. It is very important to help all patients with mental health issues, adults and children. It is already extremely hard to seek help and get the right medical attention, so to be refused is unacceptable. Children who are having a hard time coping with life and school in general should have somewhere to turn to. By denying these young people treatment, you are denying them the chance to learn how to cope with their problem and get better, which will cause them greater problems when they grow up. You cannot get rid of mental health problems by ignoring them. Our society has a new understanding of mental health and knows the consequences it can have on people, which is why there should never have been this problem in clinics to begin with in the UK.  We are now able to understand the suffering mental health problems can bring to people and how it can sometimes be more debilitating than physical illnesses. If you will not turn down patients who show symptoms of a physical disease, how can you turn down a patient with mental illness?  The system needs to be more advanced to meet the needs of the increasing number of patients who suffer from these types of illnesses. If the government does not start addressing this problem, there will continue to be a rise in patients left untreated. This will have a huge impact on the future generation. The longer you leave something untreated, the worse it will get just like any illness. The government is supposed do everything possible for their citizens, however, leaving this many children without the necessary help they require is not the government trying to be there for its citizens. It is the system failing the people in need. You need to be able to provide the proper care for the citizens, especially, children seeing as how they are more vulnerable.  The United Kingdom needs to increase their budget for mental health services and needs to lower their standards to be accepted into treatment. The criteria to receive help are so high that they are denying victims of abuse. In every country, there should be a high enough budget allocated to mental health services. Every patient who gets referred or who feels like they are having a hard time coping with life issues should have somewhere to go to talk and work through their issues with professionals. There should not be any criteria to be administered, especially any that neglect treatment to children. You should not have to wait until there is a bigger issue to deal with, mental health services should be available to everyone who feels they need them because the problem can potentially escalate. There should be treatment and therapy available to everyone in order to provide a more efficient future generation.  In Quebec, for example, we have a service called the CLSC, which provides care for people with physical and mental problems. I went to explore this service as part of my mental psychology class to see how they handle patients with mental health problems. It is a free medical service with a social worker that provides care for all patients who seek help. These patients are not turned down and the social worker helps the individual get the proper care that they need. Unlike the system in the United Kingdom, the CLSC is much more efficient. All governments should be able to offer services like the CLSC in Quebec, especially when mental health is such a prominent issue.  


The article is called Children Turned Away by Mental Health Services

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