including youth in mental health

by danielcapriolomorris on November 2, 2015 - 4:49pm

This article discusses the positive and negative sides of the International Association of Youth Mental Health Conference in Montreal this past month. The goal of the conference is to promote the work to help changer mental health services internationally and to improve the involvement in the youth, because the young people are the forefront of change. The article mentions how early intervention is necessary and because the critical age is between 12-25 years old, we have to change the way society views mental health and focus more on the youth. The conference was very informative however the number of young people who attended was quite low due to the high cost of the conference, and was basically entirely done in English which doesn’t allow for it to be fully international. Although the conference was very informative on the subject of mental health research and services, it did not reach out to the youth as much as it could in my opinion. If the conference allowed students to enter at a cheaper price, it would have made a huge difference in the amount of younger people and is directly linked to what the conference is trying to achieve. I hope that the next conference is more internationally friendly by having presentations and seminars in multiple languages to attract a variety of countries. It should also find a way to have more younger people to attend to have more of an practical approach to helping mental health services from a younger point of view.