Florida MHS

by marcovitti on November 4, 2015 - 7:33pm



The article I chose, has to do with creating a better and more effective health services in Florida.  One of the main problems in Florida is that they have limited funding and a very tight budget, so when someone walks in into their clinics they cant even recommends you to a professional most of the time. Patients who have mental illness ate mainly found in jails or sent to emergency medical units but do not receive the treatment they need. This ends up turning into a vicious loop once the patient is sent home he will find his way into jail or even the emergency room.  In Florida they have a non-effective mental health service due to budget issues and also people not being trained properly for these scenarios. A solution for a Floridian is do notice the mental health issue with a person early and get treatment a.s.a.p., early treatment is always the best. Go see a medical center or even the emergency so that they can start on treatment or recommend you somewhere. In the article they mention that San Antonio has a solution to this and they will save around 10 million a year doing so. They believe that having a 48 hour inpatient care such has detox, psychiatric health and even a 90 day program that will help patients with job selections and other stuff to solve there mental health illnesses and make them normal again.  I believe that they should have a better mental health service where patients like in San Antonio do,  during the criminals sentence they should be in rehabilitation in helping them treat their mental illness so that when they come out of jail a different person who can be heading on the right path. For instance getting a job. I’m surprised that there is not that much available in Florida since that there is a lot of mentally ill people over there especially in the rural areas.  

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