Ex-Prisoners with Mental Health Problems

by danielcapriolomorris on September 9, 2015 - 6:46pm



Summary: this article is about how ex-prisoners with mental health problems are more likely to reoffend once released. There was a study done that realized that with better diagnosis and treatment for prisoners, they could lower the reoffending rate. However its not as easy as that, because so many convicts have substance abuse problems it is harder to get proper diagnoses and therefore get proper treatment for the offenders in prison and after being released. Another study showed that a lot prisoners diagnosed with at least one mental illness were re-convicted for violent crimes such as assault, robbery, arson and sexual offences. It also discusses how installing better health resources in prisons, not just because they are entitled to have the right to health but to improve public safety as well. However proper treatment for ex-cons does not always mean they will not reoffend, because their is still the problems with substance abuse, absence of a job and poor housing that can cause them to reoffend if not properly addressed. The study explains that treatment of mental illness does not correlate directly with people convicted of violent crimes. Lastly the article explains that a prison is never an environment to treat people because of how toxic it can be with all kinds of illegal activity inside the prison that in order to properly treat convicts with mental illness's, they shouldn’t send them to prisons.


In my opinion, I believe that convicts deserve equal rights to health services. It is not fair to them even if they are criminals, especially if they suffer from mental illness'. If we could properly diagnose and treat convicts, I'm sure the rate of reoffending would go down a lot. Many convicts have mental illness' and one of the main reasons for their criminal activity is the fact that they haven’t been properly treated. So if we could help them while they're locked up, prison would be a lot more useful than just housing felons, but would be a place for treating people with all kinds of problems that might have gotten to prison in the first place.


I agree with your stance on prisoner treatment. I think that prisons should serve a rehabilitative tool for inmates instead of just a cage along side bad influences. In order to reduce the re-offending rate, prisons should be a better environment where crime is not something so ever-present and encouraged. Maybe go as far as not allowing the chance of parole unless the person has been seeing a mental health professional and has been "OK'd" to be released early. At the very least the prison system should be re-vamped in such a way that people incarcerated for non-violent offences should be in their own section, not grouped with violent offenders.