Discrimination against people with mental illness is widespread

by Rebecca_Samaan on September 9, 2013 - 1:45pm

A study done by SANE Australia reports that the stigma along with the discrimanation against people who suffer from mental illness is widespread and harmful to recovery. The new report A Life Without Stigma is there to tackle stigma and any sort of discrimanation associated with mental illnesses in which they state is extremely vital. According to Jack Health, CEO of SANE Australia "Stigma is a major issue for people affected by mental illness, influencing how they are viewed and how they view themselves." "It is destructive, hurtful, and excluding. If we are to help people with mental illness lead a contributing life, it is essential that we take action against stigma." They also state that Australia needs a long-term strategy in order to reduce the stigma associated with schizophrenia as well as many other illnesses. They reports recommendations stress that the strategy must be:

  • comprehensive, targeted, long-term, and robustly funded
  • inclusive of people living with mental illness and family carers
  • based on evidence of good practice, and evaluated
  • complementary to existing stigma reduction strategies for depression and anxiety, as well as the Mindframe strategy to reduce stigma in the media consistent with the mental health plans of national and state governments, as well as the National Mental Health Commission

SANE Australia is calling on the major political parties in order to commit to a national, long-term strategy and campaign to reduce the dicramination with any kind of mental illness, particularly psychotic illnesses. 



I agree 100% with the article you found!