As World’s Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough for Us?

by kristen on March 9, 2018 - 9:37pm


In the report “As World’s population booms, will its resources be enough for us?” it touches the subject of our population boom and how we are exhausting resources. The author, Dennis Dimick, National Geographic, argues that this current problem is the cause for within seven billion inhabitants, one in eight people on earth not having enough food. He questions how many people can this earth support with this boom in exploiting natural resources. Many predictions were made, one by National Geographic's Rob Kunzig that by 2050 there will be 9.4 billion people on this earth and 11 billion by 2100. Whereas another study in the journal Global Environmental Change predicts that population will peak this century at 9.4 billion and then will fall below 9 billion by 2100. Also two important people, Malthus and Ehrlich a population biologist both predicted there to be a mass starvation but that has not happened yet. As world population grows, food sources diminish and our impact on the Earth is rising. Scientists, Enlich John Holdren, and Barry Commoner invented  a formula to measure our rising impact, called IPAT,they said this formula will help determine the rising of the population and help us realize our impact on this planet.


In my opinion, rising populations is one of the biggest concerns of our planet at this time. The more the population growth the less room and resources we have, i believe it is important to reflect on the IPAT formula because it helps us better understand the consequences our our actions and what we do to our planet.


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