As World’s Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough for Us?

by Beatrice Manning on February 23, 2018 - 9:25am

In the article “As World’s Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough for Us?” you’ll read about the relation between the population and the resources available. The question that is look at in this article is how much more people can the Earth support. This article talks about a lot of predictions and theories like the ones made by Thomas Malthus because it is believed that eventually, the Earth won’t be able to support his population. Scientists start to believe Malthus was right when he said that we grow more rapidly than we grow food because we consume so much for only one person. It is also said that the world is in a period of acceleration and that there was a big increase in the consumption of many oils. In this article, the IMPAT formula is also use to show that we will have a big challenge in agriculture because we will need to product so much more. We can also understand that if people die older and the number of births stays the same, the population will be growing and that having less kid could also be a problem because people will be able to use more resources. To reduce the population you can use a lot of technics but improving education is one of them because it should become more important and accessible in under-developed countries.


                  I believe that to make a real change everybody should really do their best to consume less and start realizing how bad it actually is to consume as much as we do. Being more careful on how we use our resources will make more resources available and present. Also, governments in less-develop countries should really give more importance to education and make it more accessible for boys and girls so people won’t have as much kids and it will eventually make a change in the population growth.



I decided to comment your summary because I strongly agree with you. I also believe that humans all around the world should do their best to consume less by paying attention to what they are buying and what they are throwing away. There are many ways to consume less that were not mentioned in your summary. For example, we can make an effort to purchase clothing or goods that are made in sustainable ways from companies that are mindful of what they produce and how. Also, we should buy paper products that are made from recycled goods. Your summary reminds me how it is important to take care of the Earth because it is the only home that we have and it provides us with food and water. Together, if we all fight for, we can change many things. Everyday actions matter. One aspect that I found really interesting in your summary is that education of women in developing countries is one of the most important factor that causes them to have less babies in later life. In other words, I learned that education promotes a better quality of life for children over the quantity in order to reduce the future number of people using environmental resources. Furthermore, I loved the fact that you talked about the IMPAT formula and Thomas Malthus. Even if we talked about it in class, I found it interesting that you made a link with what we have already learned. Your summary based on this article is supported by class concepts which I think is easier to understand. Overall I really enjoyed your summary! Well done!

I choose to comment on your summary because it is true that population growth is affecting our environment. I agree because I also think that Thomas Malthus was right about the earth not being able to support all the population in the world one day. Population growth on earth must slow down by adjusting birth rates rather than waiting for death rates to rise. I think it is cruel to control human fertility, but this is the solution in order to avoid a life like in Third World countries where people struggle to stay alive. As the population grows, so does the battle against hunger, governments try to increase food production in order to feed everyone and control population number. For the benefit of all mankind, besides food, population need other resources like clothing, housing, and education. The I=PAT equation means that both population and consumption are parts of the problem and neither can be ignored because both are worsening the human impact on the earth. You are right about the use of our resources, we should be more careful about how much we use and try to avoid wasting our precious resources. I agree that through education on birth control, population growth can be stopped. It was an enlightening to read your summary because it was clear and concise and based on facts.

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