Water Bodies at high risk

by mirufdd on March 13, 2018 - 7:23pm

In his article presented in The Guardian, author Oliver Milman exposes the problem of the food chains of the ocean being at high risk. With studies, researchers establish that the climate change affects the marine diversity. Because the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide and the burning of fossil fuels has increase, this caused the water bodies to warm up and to become more acid. Other consequences such as putting some species in danger, increase the sea level, endangering the coral reef are all caused by greenhouses gases, overfishing and pollution. The biggest coral reef in Australia is even decreasing and could be majorly affected in the future if there is no change. It could cause an increase in storms and cyclones like the planet experienced in the end of last year. Let’s not forget that a decrease in the ocean food chain also affects the people who rely on sea food for their income, nutrition and medicine. Overall this problem has an enormous amount of negative points and the world must change for it to improve. The purpose of the article “Marine Food chains at risk of collapse, extensive study of world’s ocean finds” is to bring the subject of the ecosystem of our planet is in trouble and aware people that we should make big changes in our lives. Milman suggests to at least reduce the overfishing and the pollution to have a better chance to improve our ecosystem.

Reading this article really opened my eyes that one small problem in the environment can cause many consequences all over the Earth. It breaks my heart to think that our planet is destroying itself little by little and that we don’t make a bigger effort to change that. I believe that we need the implications of all the countries in the world to make such a big impact that we notice a difference. However, we are not even capable of not creating wars for small problems. This situation scares me and I don’t want my children to be brought in this unhealthy and dying planet.

source:Source: Milman, O. (October 13th, 2015). Marine food chains at risk of collapse,extensive study of world’s ocean finds. The Guardian. Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/oct/13/marine-food-chains-at-risk-of-collapse-extensive-study-of-worlds-oceans-reveals

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