South American agricultural initiatives

by harshm on April 20, 2018 - 7:14pm

It is said that humankind’s population will increase by 2 billion, which will require us to increase our actual production of food by 50% to 70% to feed everyone on the planet. With that said, we must consider that south America is one of the most resourceful areas on the planet, offering agriculture, meat production, water and forests for the world to trade with. Yet, climatologist claim that due to the upcoming waves of climate changes in south America, 90% of the land will be affected and have possibilities of drought. On the other hand, we have been seeing hints of innovation going on there. The fact that industries that interacts with the merchandise-buying public, the firms, are cooperating with the production chains, which optimizes the productivity, efficiency ad quality of the food. Indeed, in Brazil, a firm (Enalta) has been practicing what is known as precision farming where high technological systems are used to calculate the exact quantity of planting and fertilizers to use to maximize the outcomes. Also, we have been seeing the uses of GMO’s to make crops invulnerable against pests and sickness. In summary, South America must build a strong economy that will be sure to not falter in the market world, such as not going for monocultures and building cooperation between smaller sector of agriculture.

I believe that this is a great initiative that some of the world is taking. We’ve been having trouble these past decades with the rise of the global temperature. Usually, we tend to talk about where we went wrong in these past years to damage the earth, but it is great to see how actions are now being made.




I chose to answer this article summary because I was interested on how South America innovated with agriculture on their continent. We usually hear about North America or Europe but South America is a continent with a lot of resources and it is key that it continues to produce. Like you explained, the population growth will lead to a bigger need for food so it would be a catastrophe if South America has problems with its agriculture. I am pleased to see that actions have been taken to change the way they were doing agriculture to prevent for issues with food when the need will be even higher. I approve what is going on in South America because its resource will be too much important in the future and it would be very frustrating if we realize later that we could have done something earlier.

I choose to comment your article summary since I was happily suprise to hear hear how South America innovated their agriculture habits. It is interesting how countries deal with climate change in comparison to Canada. It was also inspiring to see how less developped continent like South America take climate change as a priority. I believe that it should inspired north america to do similar mesures since they are the one who has a bigger impact on the ressource of the planet. The fact that you gave exemple really show the impact. Also, loved the fact that the article is about the positive action and not just about the problems occuring because of climate change.

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