Small changes may have a big impact on the Ecosystem

by tatyana.borshchyov on April 30, 2018 - 9:05pm

According to the article “Even small changes within an ecosystem can have detrimental effects”, the relationships between all species may lead to the collapse of the entire ecosystem, if there is a poor connection. One of the research was based on Acacia tree from East Africa Savanna and the interaction with ants that inhabit them. “The ants benefit from the tree by getting housing and sugar-rich nectar, and the tree benefits because the ants protect it from large herbivores such as elephants.” Thus, if one would have been taken away, the other would be directly affected and may improve serious series of changes. Overall, that species could be instinct, which would make an enormous change in the ecosystem. “Using observational studies and experiments, the researchers discovered that a third partner, scale insects, are the most important resource affecting ant colony size and activity, as well as their effective defense against predators.” That one of the reasons why is would be important to pay attention to those small species as well.


In my opinion, this could bring several damages to the ecosystem, knowing that many trees are being cut in today’s fashion industries. Companies, such as Artemano are using Acacia trees in their furniture design. Moreover, it is not the only companies in the world using the same material design. Hence, if we do not protect those trees, it may be instinct. Which could bring a mass of consequences.


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