The problem of climate change

by audreyannlemieux on April 3, 2018 - 11:12pm

In the article “State of the science: Beyond the worst case climate change scenario” by the scientific American, the many risks of climate change are covered. The risks presented include warming temperatures, heat waves, heavy rains, droughts, stronger storms, and more. The article says all these factors will be affected due to the continuous increase of the global temperature. According to them, warming temperatures can be bring positive outcomes such as that agricultural yield will increase in colder areas and negative outcomes such as increased insect outbreaks. What is also mentioned is that heat waves could become a bigger problem and kill more people than it already has. What often happens when heat waves occur is wildfires, we have seen much more wildfires in the past few years than ever before. Stronger storms are also an issue talked about in this article and it is also an issue we have seen increasing in the recent years, like hurricane Irma and the two other hurricanes that caused huge damages to North America last year. The article also says the chances of droughts occurring are more likely since droughts happen when temperatures are higher, droughts dry out crops which cause for less food to be produced and for malnutrition to be more present. On the other side, there could also be more heavy rains which will cause for more floods to happen and for crops to be ruined.

Climate change is thought to be a myth by many but it needs to be addressed because it is a serious issue that exists and I believe that if it is not taken care of soon it will be getting worst. Gas emissions are one of the main reasons climate change is happening, if we all took action to reduce these gas emissions we could make great progress to reduce the worlds high temperatures. At one point in the article they say we are 25 years too late and that if the object is to avoid dangerous change, we've already had it, the object now is to avoid really dangerous change which I totally agree with, it is too late to get what we used to have back, but it is not too late to let it get worst. We need to take care of this planet because it is the only one we have and we need its resources to stay alive so destroying it has no positive outcomes.

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