Population & Energy Relations

by alex11 on February 23, 2018 - 11:00pm

In the article “Population and the energy problem” by John Holdren talks about the problems relating energy to world population. The argument that Holdron is trying to make is that one “monetary costs of energy are rising” (Holdren, 1991), two “much of the world's population has too little energy to meet basic human needs” (Holdren, 1991) and three environmental impacts on the planet. Holdren goes on to say that if there are no energy reforms to minimize or eliminate the environmental impact of any said energy generator, it could cause even more damages on the planet since to meet demands. The output of energy must be an increase in which can cause more pollution if it is the consequences of a said energy. Moreover, the author would suggest that “the difficulty of implementing these measures will be greatest by far in the developing countries, not least because of their high rates of population growth and the attendant extra pressures on economic and managerial resources.” (Holdren, 1991).



One of the problems is that if they wanted to give the poorest people green energy, they would have to subsidize many tax revenues towards building the green initiatives in which people may disagree and may get angered due to the fact that people don’t like paying high taxes.


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