Plant Migration

by Antoine Favreau on March 12, 2018 - 4:43pm


In the article “Climate change may bring big ecosystems changes”, the author, Alan Buis, claims that a big part the earth ecosystems will change type. The cause of this change in the ecosystem is due to global climate change, a research has been made by the NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory to investigate how some plant species are expected to react to the new climate. There is expected to be more competition in each ecosystem and the invasion of certain species in areas already occupied could be fatal for certain types of species. The study also found that all the land on earth that is not a desert or covered by ice is going to experience a 30% change in the species of plants that covers it (Buis). These changes are problematic because it will force some animals to adapt to the new environment, and even relocate themselves in certain cases. Humans could also be affected. The research also shows that the ecological balance in the ecosystems will be affected and biodiversity will be reduced. The migration of plants due to climate change is something that is happening since the last ice age, however, the pace of the change in climates will make it difficult for species to find a new area to grow. Not only will the ecosystems be less diverse, but it will completely change the type of species in certain areas and destroy the ones already there.

            Everybody knows what climate change, and even if some people deny it, it is important that we, humans, do something about it because we are the one causing the rapid change in climate. Climate change has many consequences and it is one of the main causes of the change in ecosystems at the moment. There are many species that are going to disappear if the situation doesn’t change, and it will be catastrophic. Moreover, this issue is only one in many and it may be too late when we realize we have to do something.

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