Overpopulation in the future ( and whoops)

by harshm on February 24, 2018 - 8:32am

This article tackles what the predictions of the future concerning overpopulation and the sharing of the planet in the future. Data has estimated that the human population count will be of 9.8 billion people when we reach the year 2050. We are foreseeing the European continent to diminish in number only by a few millions, indicating no growth whatsoever in the next 30 years. Yet, we expect the African continent to have their population multiplied by 2.6 by the same time, the Asian continent to rise with 750 million new members and 200 million more in America. Considering that, on a scale of what we should be using every year, we use 1.7:1 resources as it is, with only 7,5 billion individuals. Finding a solution to this is quite the impossible task. Innovations such as city planning, emissions control and vertical farming will only help us cope for the future, guaranteeing nothing for the future.

I believe that we’re probably going to be facing a crisis some time before 2050. I really think that using almost twice as much as resource that we need will eventually come bite us back in the future. Resource sharing and not overexploiting should be what we are doing right now, and not a backup plan if something hits us. I can understand not being able to go into growth development because we have lots of mouth to feed, but what ever happened to sustainable development?  If only resources were efficiently used, we might just not be in trouble in 30 years.

link https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/08/the-earths-population-is-going-to...




I find the article super interesting as we already talked about it in class. The issue of over population is something that is really important and your summary demonstrates how this drastic change should be taken into consideration. Most developing countries are the ones that have a higher rate of birth rates but there is still not a reasonable solution that can either help decrease the birth rates or help the standards of living of those in developing countries. The fact that it states how we are exploiting more resources than we should is also an issue that should be addressed, as it is only going to get worst in the following years. The solution of finding another place to live that was presented by Stephen Hawking, is not applied in this situation in my opinion. In order for something to be reborn it has to die, if we find another planet to live on we should consider all things; are we going to improve as human beings? Are we going to think about the impacts of our actions? It is obviously easier said than done. Thus, I do agree with the statement of how overpopulation is a difficult problem to fix as it touches several aspects such as; economy, politics, etc. I also enjoyed reading your article and summary, it highlighted the most obvious and important things specified on the article.

This a response to the text “Overpopulation in the future (and whoops)” by Harshm. In their summary, they talk about an article called “The Earth's population is going to reach 9.8 billion by 2050” in which it tackles the overpopulation of the human population. What’s interesting about it is the fact it talks about population as it is true that with current consumption of resources. There won’t be enough for everyone unless people start cutting down on their consumption. Furthermore, they eventually say that there is no possible way to prevent or manage this problem and that it will be a possible end of humanity. I disagree because, with management of resources and improvement of technology, there can be a huge reduction in resources and being efficiency. So long as the user of the technology try to make it last long.

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