An innovative approach to incineration

by danchelariu on February 22, 2018 - 9:49pm

The article "Businessman plans to burn 'body parts and organs' to create energy' by Victoria Ward has for objective to show a new way of creating energy by using a different process than incinerators. Waste would be exploited with a gasification process resulting in a synthetic gas generating thermal energy (combination of plastic and biomass). The main cause of the issue is to find a cleaner way of combustion for the environment when producing energy. The author points out that it is a better technology, with better quality fuel than the large incineration companies. It was developed by Micheal Burns, with the help of governmental loans and past experience in chemical engineering. Burns later realized that medical waste (blood bags, tissues, gowns, nappies) has a high level of plastic and biomass, which would be suitable for the new energy-creating process. Medipower is the industry in charge of the operations, with few factories. The chemical engineer mentioned that the plant would burn 10.5 tonnes of only medical waste, creating a lot of energy, enough to to power hundreds of homes. The industry still requires a permit in order to function, but the idea had plenty of objections. Mr. Burns plans on opening more plants using different waste, such as kitchen waste, widening the area of non-recyclable waste use.

In my opinion, the gasification of plastic and biomass is a relevant way of generating energy because it has found an advanced and useful purpose to non-recycable waste, instead of incineration which causes environmental damages over time. Also, an important point is that the non-recyclable waste has a wide variety of options, such as medical waste, kitchen waste, etc. The process' outcome  creates a substancial amount of  quality energy, as it is being recycled as well. Medipower should receive the permit to exploit their new approach to the former incinerators. Scientific research and statistics on the different aspects of the energy-generating plant should be demonstrated in order to have their permit applied.

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