How Human Activities Affect the Ecosystem

by maurane on March 13, 2018 - 6:10pm

The article “Human Activities that Affect the Ecosystem” by David Weedmark has for purpose to inform us how human activities affect the ecosystem being the water, the air, the land and the life that we share the world with. According to the article, there are few causes that explain how human activities is destroying the ecosystem. The first one that Weedmark mentions is pollutions. He claims that humans are dumping more than 8 million tons of that plastic into the oceans. In consequences,  wildlife in the sea is deeply affected. Indeed, he gives the example of bleach whales that died in 2017 in Scotland because of the amount of plastic it has consumed. The second cause that Weedmark explains is Global Warming. Indeed, according to environmental scientists, CO₂ emissions that come from burning fossil fuels directly affect the planet’s ecosystem. The author explains that the increase of CO₂ in the atmosphere leads to the increase of the Earth’s global temperature which causes the Arctic ice and glaciers to melt and raise the ocean levels. Weedmark continues by informing us how deforestation causes the ecosystem to change. According to him, because our population is constantly growing, farm are also going bigger which mean that we also remove the dwindling of many forests.  Also, he mentioned that deforestation occurs also because of the lumber that human uses to build their houses and to make space for new houses. Consequently, by destroying the forest, human also destroys the habitat of species that lived in them. Weedmark finishes by giving some solutions in order to help reduce harms to the ecosystem. He mentions that recycling, pick up a piece of trash from the street are easy things that humans can do on their daily basis that have positive effects on the ecosystem. Also, on a bigger scale, Weedmark highlights that big project to positively change the ecosystem is a great solution, for example, he claims that The Ocean Cleanup project could clean up half the plastic currently in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years.

I believe that this article is well organized. It gives us a concrete example of how human activities are destroying the ecosystem which helps us understand the real impact that we have on the Earth. But, for the solutions mentioned I would have found more interesting to know what is the long-term solution that human can do to prevent destroying the ecosystem because Weedmark only mentioned what human can do to fix what they have already done but not what they can do to really stop destroying the ecosystem. 


I totally agree with you when you mentioned that more solutions are needed in the long-term rather than trying to fix the damages already done. The article is super interesting and covers a lot of ecosystem changes where humans are the principal cause of its irreversible damages. I really enjoyed reading the article chosen as it is well explained and detailed, many information’s mentioned shocked me as I was reading. The first paragraph about pollution, where it denounces how 2.4 billion of people still don’t have water reminded me of the Flint Water Crises (maybe you should check it out, if you are interested on the topic) that is still ongoing. This issue is really surprising as it is in the United States. Further, I enjoyed the structure of your summary as it goes along with different issues where humans are the blame for. The fact that the author also includes a small paragraphs that refutes all the problem exposed is also interesting. It is a well written summary.

Flint Water Crisis:

I chose to comment on this summary because it was very clear and straight to the point. I also chose this one because I find it sad that as humans we do that much harm to the worlds ecosystems. We pollute a lot in many different ways, like mentioned in the article, we are continously causing harm to the different ecosystems. Either it being by littering, or producing so many greenhouse gases, we are not environmentally cautious to help preserve the worlds beautiful ecosystems and this is destroying our planet. I agree with you when you say that we should think long term rather than state only the problems we already have and that we should try to fix. I believe doing things like picking up trash or doing more recycling is a good way to start but we should also think about cutting down less trees and producing less gases.

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