Heat waves are roasting reefs, but some may be resilient

by kristen on May 3, 2018 - 12:29pm

In the news article, “Heat waves are roasting reefs, but some corals may be resilient”, it touches the subject of an important ecosystem change. Over the span of a couple years, many coral reefs are being destroyed due to the change in water temperature. For example, there was a heat wave back in 2016 that killed 30 percent of coral in the great barrier reef, a home to many creatures and a must for keeping the ecosystem in tact. Not only does the detrimentation of the coral reefs affect the ecosystem in the water and for surrounding species, it also has a major effect on the millions of people who depend on this ecosystem for fishing and tourism. One prominent impact the heat waves have on the coral reefs, is causing coral bleaching, which stripes the coral of all color and nutrients and kills it, never to regenerate. The overall purpose of this article is to educate people on what is happening to these reefs, how not only does it affect the ecosystem but it also affect us as humans. Dan Garisto, the author, is saying how we should take action to keep our coral reefs from all dying.


In my opinion, these coral reefs are very important for the oceans and for humans. I believe that the author raises valid points and that we should listen to him and start finding solutions to this problem.


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