The connection between shrimp and climate change

by megmeg019 on April 30, 2018 - 11:37pm

The article entitled, "Our growing taste for shrimp is bad news for climate change" by the author Erik Stokstad is about the fact that the demand of seafood is increasing just like the level of carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere and the oceans. Crustaceans, shrimp and lobsters are in constant demand for seafood restaurants, grocery stores and markets. The economy is doing well for this part, but it is not the same situation for the aquatic species and for the health of our planet. From 1990 to 2011, according to a new study, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted because of fishing boats increased by 28%. (Stokstad, Erik). It is important to know that fishing lobsters and shrimp is taking more carbon dioxide than the processes of producing a lamb or a beef. According to some researchers in the Natural Climate Change, "in 2011, the amount of crustaceans caught was 60% higher than in 1990, a greater increase than for any other type of seafood." The circumstances are not at there best for the planet, seafood is as much as dangerous for climate change than meat. Also, it is dangerous for the species of shrimp and lobsters to became endangered. A lot of fishing is make every year, that leads to the extinction of a lot of species.

In my opinion, the situation is really going wrong. Eating vegetarian should be a way for humans to help the ecosystems, the animals and also the planet. But in this case, we can see that in is not the situation and that we should find some solutions for helping life around us to survive. Maybe humans should start to think of adopting a vegan food style. It is hard, but it could be a great solution in this case. Also, reducing the number of boats who are fishing to much of aquatic species and crustaceans. There are many causes for Climate Change but in my opinion, this is an important one and we should think of it two times before we eat shrimp and seafood.


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