Climate Change and Consequences on Arctic

by megmeg019 on April 2, 2018 - 2:24pm

The article "Unusually warm winter breaks up sea ice in the Arctic" by the author Maria-José Viñas, is about the temperature and about sea ice that is more sensitive to break these days. This important environmental problem is really dangerous for humans and our ecosystems, it also proves all the bad consequences of climate change. First, it is important to know that temperature, because of global warming, is increasing everyday. The sea level is also increasing, which is really dangerous for population, environment and also lead to natural disasters. Why? The level of the sea increase because of the melting glaciers and ice. According to M. Alek Petty, who is a sea ice researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, "we have seen winter warming events before, but they’re becoming more frequent and more intense."


In my opinion, there are many solutions to adjust break up sea ice in the Arctic. First, humans should take better care of all their comsumptions for reducing the carbon dioxide present in the atmoshere. Because of the carbon dioxide and all the negative gas present in air, the ozone layer is degrading which leads to increasin the global warming. A good solution for it could be taking the bus or walking to work our school everyday instead of taking their cars. Also, reducing the consumption of new clothes and encourage the thrift shops will also be a good idea. I hope this situation will improve because it really scares me. One thing is sure for me, I will improves my living habits for increasing the chances of this bad environmental problem to be solve.


Viñas, Maria-José."Unusually warm winter breaks up sea ice in the Arctic". NASA's Earth Science News Team. Arctic sea ice from Feb. 9, 2018 to Feb. 22, 2018 as seen via NASA Worldview.


I chose to comment on your summary because I found that this specific consequence of Climate Change, sea ice breaking due to warmer Winters, is interesting and is something that needs to be talked about more often. Climate Change is causing an increase in temperature which will consequently melt ice, ultimately increasing sea levels. In fact, the weather in the Arctic is completely out of control. The temperature in the Arctic has actually went 30 degrees Celsius higher than the average temperature for that time of the year (Embury-Dennis, 2018). The increase in temperature caused by Climate Change has got scientists extremely worried because ice has begun to melt all year round as opposed to only part of the year (Embury-Dennis, 2018). I completely agree with your point of view in which humans can definitely help to reduce the effects of Climate Change. It is important for us humans to make certain adjustments to our lifestyle such as reducing the amount of CFCs as well as HFCs we release into the atmosphere as both of these severely damage the ozone layer.

Embury-Dennis, T. (2018, March). ‘Extreme event’ as bering sea’s ice levels reach lowest point in recorded history. Independent. Retrieved from

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