Canada's Part in Stopping Climate Change.

by mrob10 on April 3, 2018 - 3:39pm

In the article “Sask. Auditor says climate plan is encouraging, but still more work to do” David Baxter discusses a few environmental and climate change related issues that provincial and federal governments encounter. Canada’s commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development released a climate change report that most of the provinces or territories failed to meet a certain standard regarding climate change. Although many of the provinces have had plans for climate change however they did not have important details like timelines. Some provinces had no plan at all. Saskatchewan did not have a report as of January 2017, however they are working towards one. Currently, Saskatchewan has shown some plans regarding the world wide phenomenon. One being a 40% emission reduction in power generation for the oil and gas industry, by the year 2030. It also aims to increase the provinces renewable energy usage. By 2030, Saskatchewan hopes to produce 50% of it’s power with renewable energy sources. However Saskatchewan does not agree with carbon tax, and Baxter wonders if it will effect the ability to work with the rest of the country. Saskatchewan’s provincial auditor Judy Ferguson, does not think it will effect the working ability. The report however, does not have recommendations rather than an analysis and comparison of where each province or territory is at, regarding to climate change goals. As of today there is still lots of work to be done. 


I find it encouraging that Canada is putting in place these types of affairs. Even if the reports are still less than satisfactory, at least we are on the right track. Doing something is better than not doing anything at all, like some nations. At the same time, climate change is nothing new, and by now the country should have at least a strong foundation in achieving climate change goals. I believe the first major step in defeating climate change is first realize there is a problem. Some still believe that climate change is a lie or a hoax. Once this is done, the next step would be to switch completely renewable resources, and drastically reduce our Green House Gas emissions. Of course this is easier said than done, and requires the entire population to be on the same page.


Baxter, D.(2018). “Sask. auditor says climate plan is encouraging, but still more work to do”. Global News. encouraging-but-still-more-work-to-do/.

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