Why Climate Change is Considered a Myth

by ABenRejeb on October 20, 2015 - 7:33pm



Climate change is occurring. This is a fact that is widely accepted in current society. What about a few decades ago when this was still being researched? This article picks out one case where Exxon, a big oil company in the United States, had allegedly discovered that fossil fuels cause climate change. But, instead of informing the population, they decided that not only keeping secret but starting a denial campaign was more profitable. Today, most research made on whether or not they actually did know points to it being true, but Exxon denies it. This has been taken to court and is in an ongoing trial.


After reading this article I immediately starting thinking about how I used to hear about people and scientists saying climate change was a myth. If it is true that Exxon knew, it is understandable that a large proportion of the population was ignorant on this. While having groups actively pursuing their benefits over the environment and the truth, there is no doubt that everyone would be confused. Not only did they mislead the population, they also made it harder and take more time for any actual solutions to be found. When it comes to the environment I believe it takes a collective human effort to repair what humans have and will make in terms of negative consequences.



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What do you think should be done to Exxon if they truly did know about the impact of fossil fuels on the environment? Do you think their actions were warranted?
I personally, believe the pursuit of massive profit is selfish, especially when it discards the environment. The environment isn't some piece of land that can be used and thrown away, it's vital to not only human well being but our survival! Yet too often, it seems that monetary devices blind the eyes of corporations, governments and individuals. It's a sad reality, and-as according to the article you read-has been occurring with the climate change issue for decades.
You make a solid point when you state that collective human effort is required when repairing the mistakes we have made. It is up to current and future generations to overcome the stigma and damage that the elders generations have left for us, if not for our sake, but for the sake of stopping this from passing down through generations. Hopefully, citizens of this planet will understand the value of the environment before it's been harmed beyond repair.


I enjoyed reading your piece because you make some very valid and interesting points. Climate change is inevitable; the Earth's climate has been changing since it came into existence. Too often do people use the terms 'climate change' and 'global warming' synonymously when, in reality, they are two very different things. I think many messages regarding climate change get lost in translation to the public because a large portion of the population assumes scientists mean global warming when climate change is mentioned.

With that being said, do you think that if Exxon had been honest with the public from the 'get-go', the state of the environment would be any different, or do you think that the demand for oil and gas would have trumped the health of the Earth?

I look forward to reading your response.

What Exxon did was despicable and should be held accountable for what they have done. Unfortunately Exxon is one of the biggest companies in the world and has many people who want to keep it around for a long time. Until rich people realize that they cannot eat money or grow food on money then they will keep on producing Oil and we'll have to buy it. Sadly electrical cars are not affordable yet.


Exxon definitely did something that was wrong and unethical, for obvious reasons. My real question is that do you think Exxon is the sole anti-climate change mover, or do you think they just built the momentum for the myth to get going and the public felt the urge to believe its true? I feel like humans have the innate idea to believe the best-case scenario. The general public (when climate change first started getting media attention) wanted to believe climate change is a myth and because of it ignored the scientific evidence.


This summary caught up my attention because I think it was interesting to learn about the history of climate change. It was not always accepted as it is now in the society and analysing an issue like the one with Exxon Company is a great way to learn from previous mistakes so they are not repeated again. It can make us realize that what the media tells us is not always the absolute truth and that we should have a critical approach on the subject and not believe everything we are told.
A good example of this is with the Volkswagen Company, which falsified their results on CO2 emissions and their cars produced 40 times more pollution than they were allowed (Neate, 2015, para.1). Like Exxon, this issue created a big story in the media and while discussing what happened, people are not trying to find solutions to the problem. This is a point you mentioned and I fully agree with you. I also agree with your point that it is not only the company who should make up for their mistakes, it is a effort of all humanity working together; however, to make it happen, companies need to start being honest and stop thinking of their own benefit before the ones of the Earth and the population living on it.
What do you think would be a good incentive for companies to come clean with their skeletons in their closet?

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It is really interesting and surprising to learn about this company. I think that is really astonishing that people would lie about something as important as this. You are right that it is understandable that people were confused at the time, because climate change can cause a lot of problems and that it is scary to think that we caused it. Even if a lot of companies and government are still not doing enough about this very significant issue today, we can at least not denied that it is happening and we have to face this sad truth. I believe that the whole population needs to be aware of the consequences of our actions so that everybody can collectively change. The way we live in this limited world cannot go on forever.

Hi, I really liked your article because I think it highlights the real problems with our society in relation to global warming, and that is that companies like Exxon manipulate us to believe that they are not doing anything wrong and that we are not doing anything wrong by using their services. However, you say that this was before, that this problem is in the past, but the sad truth is that it is not. Many people today still believe that Global warming is just a myth, and that us, who do believe and try to take measures are just "crazed with the desire to change society and spend money". On many occasions I have seen politicians and other CEO's go on debate shows or TV news to "expose" the global warming "hoax, myth, fraud, etc." Sadly, some people believe them. But what would you do If you were a person that was struggling to pay your bills as it is, and you are told that you need to save the environment and take all of these measures that cost more money, like buying electric cars, or having geothermal energy installed in your house (some of the most expensive alternatives), and then this person with a big résumé on the news tells you, "you don't need to, It's all a lie. They are just using you for your money"?Some politicians have a way of manipulating people for their own benefit, and I'm sure some of them even believe their own lies. I think it is important to realize that this ignorance and confusion is still going on and it is not only Exxon and big oil companies that deny Global Warming but politicians themselves don't want to help the environment out of selfishness. Maybe the first step towards saving our environment is making sure everyone understands there is a problem.

I read an article which described Exxon's role in our society's perception of climate change. I agree with you that Exxon (and other companies who might have done the same thing) are to blame for some of the confusion regarding climate change. In my opinion, we need companies and CEO's who will be motivated to change their priorities. We need these big corporations to make the environment one of their priorities, instead of money and wealth. Only then, when they are working in unison with the government and the population, will a change be possible.

Your blog and the situation with Exxon reminded me of the ongoing conflict involving scientific research about pollution in the Alberta Oil Sands. Oil companies are responsible for carrying out the required tests and assessments of pollutants and contaminants. However, their results are never published and their conclusions are always the same. They state that there is no significant level of pollutants as a result of the oil sands. However, when research was conducted by a neutral party, contaminants were confirmed to be from the oil sands and in dangerously high levels, as seen in the documentary "To The Last Drop". The uncertainty associated with science and research performed by private companies is a disturbing and prevalent issue in our society.

Great article and summary, I believe that what Exxon did is wrong politically and ethically as well. I agree that misleading a population is also wrong, because it will cause a confusion for those who are not as familiar or interested into the matter as well. I believe that people have a right to know when something is influencing their lives, especially when its on a scale that affects the whole planet potentially. In an article that I have read (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/sep/04/emissions-carbon-tax...), the writer states that taxing fossil fuel could potentially cause the major companies to lose billions in profit. I think that this is why they decided to start a denial campaign, the fact that they preferred to spend money on denying climate change rather than exposing a potential threat that could have been dealt with years ago, would have probably avoided a lot of issues today. I believe tho that this era of technology will help to spread information and perhaps give sanctions to companies that have been exploiting data for years while hiding truth from the general public.

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