Warm Water Hurricane

by dolmos on December 7, 2015 - 6:55pm


John Schwartz in his article “The Pacific Ocean Becomes a Caldron” for the New York Times talks about the possibilities of Climate Change having a major impact on hurricanes. He takes as an example the hurricane “El Nino” and the “The Blob” that have been found to be more recurrent lately.  Schwartz states that hurricanes are thought to be caused by warmer waters and that the oceans greenhouse gasses absorption has increase the waters temperature, causing hurricanes in its turn. Schwartz also mentions other consequences of warmer ocean waters, he says that they increase water levels around the shorelines.

Sincerely, I do not understand why climate change is still treated as a myth or a possibility, if there is an extreme change in the weather it should be treated as an alarming situation. Even if it has not yet been 100% proven that climate change and the eutrophication of the ocean waters are making more recurrent and worsening the effect of hurricanes, the fact that there is a possibility is enough to be alarmed and strive to stop it.


Schwartz, J. (2015, Nov. 2). The Pacific Ocean Becomes a Caldron. New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/03/science/global-warming-pacific-ocean-e...


I totally do agree with you. We need to do something about this situation even though we are not certain a 100% of its origin. The only problem is that people like to talk, but much less to act. We keep saying that we should do something about it. The problem is that very efficient solutions are difficult to come by. Other solutions can be very expensive and the government do not want to put too much money into the environment because people will not vote for them. If we as a society are not able to stop global warming, each individual needs to do his part. Pretty easy solutions that anybody can do such as compost, public transportation or bike, eating less meat or even turning off the light when you don’t need them are things that if billions of people were doing, global warming would be much slower.

After reading your post and glancing over the article, as well as recently finishing a paper on this same topic of the intensification of hurricanes via climate change and the warming of the ocean currents that enable them to become such catastrophic events, I definitely agree that this should be treated as a very serious matter, and should be receiving more attention in the areas that could be inflicted the most pain. Though there might not be more frequent instances of hurricanes, evidence is leading to an increase in more servere, larger storms. It will be interesting to see how each nations government deals with their affected coastlines, I hope it will be enough and that their evacuation systems are efficient enough to limit the loss of lives to as little as possible.

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