New Walkable Neighborhood in Center of Downtown Cleveland

by AKrauth-Ibarz on December 5, 2015 - 2:40pm

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One of the Best Urban Development Sites in the Country to be Transformed into New Walkable Neighborhood in Center of Downtown Cleveland

The city of Cleveland is planning to build a new massive walkable neighborhood. This project will concist of a five acre area in downtown Cleveland that will include luxury appartments, green space, restaurants, retail and other high end facilities. It's a projected that is being privately funded by Citymark Capital, a company founded Daniel Walsh. Walsh says many other urban environments across the country have been studied in order to conceive this one. Picking the best and most efficient ideas and bringing them together in Cleveland. People should be able to walk from one neighborhood to the other much more easily. The developpers hope to begin construction in 2016 and end have the area ready for occupency by the end of 2017.

Personally I think this is good idea and decision for the city. It is a densification of the city rather than an expansion. This means there will be more efficient energy use, whithout deminishing the standard of living. In fact, I think the standard of living will be much better, by creating an environment where neighborhoods are closer together and increasing the amount of greenspace in the city. It approaches the lifestyles of certain european cities. 




I'm choosing to comment on this article because it shows that humans are trying to make the world a better place.

Too many times we hear about cities and rich people building and destroying whatever they want in the name of money. This Walkable Neighborhood will make Cleveland a greener city not just because of less energy use such as electricity but cars will have no use in that neighborhood and there will be less pollution. By not expanding the city Cleveland also saves all of the trees and land it was going to bulldoze down which in turn will help the already devastating effects of pollution and global warming.

I chose to comment on this article because it is interesting in different ways. Indeed, throughout the years human beings have altered too many things on Earth. These changes had huge negative impacts on the ecosystems, biodiversity, etc. This project shows hope to making things better. We need green areas, we need to use less carbon emissions, and we need to live in a more sustainable way. This project will help us accomplish all of these things. People will use their cars less as everything would be walkable and hopefully closer. Also, the green areas will decrease less the biodiversity. This Walkable Neighborhood can set a wonderful example for future projects to make this planet a better place.

The summary written by AKrauth-Ibarz discusses a walkable neighborhood in Cleveland. I find this idea great. If more areas of the world offered all the entertainment and the necessities at walkable distance, less people would have cars and it would benefit the environment. I would love to live in a neighborhood like this because right now, everything I do requires me to take my car. If everything was at proximity I would not take my car as often. Hopefully the project goes through and actually happens. I think that most of the reasons people fear living in neighborhoods like this is because they don’t want to compromise their standards of living as well as the efficiency of the appliances they use, but, this neighborhood would not compromise any of that and would be more energy efficient. Therefore, it’s beneficial for both the individual and the environment. I hope more cities take this project as an example and create their own plans for walkable neighborhoods.

I decide to comment on this article because the fact that new cities are actually being built according to a sustainable strategy enlightens me. I agree with you on the fact that densification over expansion is clearly the right path to embrace; it is a great green solution for future generations' energy use and, as you mentionned, even bring up the level of life quality. It is not only profitable for humans, but also for the environment, as less green spaces are exploited to build habitable grounds. It would indeed be nice not only to build future cities in such fashion, but also investigate an efficient possibility to convert actually non-sustainable, largely polluting cities into walkable zones. Thanks for this enlightening article, Andreas.

Thank you for sharing this uplifting story. Many of the articles posted on this website usually sadden me because they describe ways in which we are ruining the planet, be it by pollution or destruction of land. I’m glad to finally read an article that describes ways in which we are attempting to build with a more ecological conscience. I think it is a great idea to make a neighborhood more walkable. This will require fewer cars which in turn will lower pollution in the city. Having green space is also important in order to limit our environmental impact in urbanized areas. Overall, this seems like a great project that will help limit our impact on the planet.

I think that this is a really great initiative that is going on.I think that this will be a really good thing that will spread over time. Hopefully everything goes well in regards to construction in 2016. The only questions i have are that in the construction of these places will they be placing solar panels and other energy efficient ways. I think that this is a great idea but I have a lot of questions in regards to how the people making this walk-able city are going to make it work. I can't wait to see projects like this expand and people using it more in places like Montreal.

In my opinion, I think it’s a great initiative and idea from the city, as it encourages the population to live in a more environmentally friendly way and lessen their use of energy such as fossil fuels sued by cars. By making everything walking friendly, the population is more likely to incorporate walking as a big substitution for all other forms of transport. The population adapts to what the city offers, and their fate of their use of energy is in a way pre-destined by the city with the services offered. The implementation of a walkable neighbourhood is therefore a great idea and I think it will have a huge success and inspire other cities to do the same.