Half of Weather Disasters Linked to Climate Change

by A.Portelanc-Bedard on November 6, 2015 - 8:48pm

A study made by an international team of scientific shows that for the half of the 28 extreme weather events last year (2014), climate change had something to do with it. This study as only been done recently because science was not up to the task before. The final goal of the study is to make society realise how climate change is affecting their day-to-day life and not only the life of other species. Scientists say that the raise of the sea ice level in Antarctic, that happened last year, is much less likely to happen in the following years. They also say that the 2014 wildfire in North California could not be directly linked to climate change, but that it drastically increased the chance of it happening. They also say that many of last year’s damaging extreme weather events are most likely to happen. And that the few beneficial extreme weather events are less likely to happen as for now.

I think that this article is a good idea to make people realise that climate change is truly happening. I know that people of our age were raised in the knowing of its existence, but for some people it is very difficult to admit. Although I think this article is a great idea, I can only focus on the fact that there is no solution mentioned in the entire study. Yes we should sensitize people to climate change, but we should also put more energy into finding solution instead of trying to convince hard-headed people that it exists.


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