A Foundation That Will Help the Atlantic Salmon

by EDion on November 6, 2015 - 4:01pm

In this article, Stephen Chase tries to initiate people to help the Atlantic salmon situation. This salmon has been in the ocean for such a long time, it is a part of us. It is important touristically, culturally and economically. Times are hard for the Atlantic salmon. Its environment is aggravating everyday and overfishing is causing a decrease in their numbers. In forty years, the quantity of salmon returning to the east coast of Canada has dropped from 1.8 million to 0.7 million. Only eighteen rivers out of sixty had enough fish in them to meet their conservation levels. The article wants to raise our awareness of the situation and describes how the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation helps. This foundation has been put into place a decade ago by the government though funds were given only at the beginning (thirty million dollars). These funds made research available and 200 projects were put in place to aid the situation since 2008. The main goal of this foundation is to improve the salmon’s habitat. Overall, a large area of habitat has been brought to its former condition and an even bigger area has been created as a new habitat for these fish. The foundation has a lot of new great projects in mind, but a lack of funds makes them impossible to start. At least, the government considers the conservation of salmon a priority. The author of the article states various ways in how each of us can help. For example, those of us who are often on the water can abstain from harming waterways. With everyone’s help, the Atlantic salmon might have a chance after all. 


The facts and numbers given in the article are very troubling. Stephen Chase is right: something has to be done in order to conserve the salmon population in our waters. The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation (www.salmonconservation.com) seems to be helping the situation greatly. Humans are the main reason for their extinction and humans should realize that they need to do something about it. If nobody does, one day we will wake up and this species and resource will be gone for good. This is also the case for every other damage we have done to the environment. Things are aggravating fast; the time for change is now. 




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