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by atherrien on October 16, 2015 - 11:18pm

Jocelyne Richer’s article in French-canadian journal Le Devoir entitled “Couillard tient un discours alarmiste sur les changements climatiques” discusses Prime Minister Philippe Couillard’s position on climatic change as expressed at international conference Artic Circle in Reykjavik, in Island. The article’s purpose is to demonstrate the inherent contradiction between the prime minister’s points covered during his speech and his actions towards environment in his province. Indeed, he highlights how extremely close human race is to reach the tipping point of climate change when no longer changes can be made. However, Couillard injects much more money in fossil energies development and the Plan Nord, development project in Quebec’s North giving access to numerous foreign countries company to our land thus consuming the territory’s resources much faster.

I believe Couillard should put in practice an actual plan to ensure Quebec’s total shift to renewable energies in the following years to come instead of only bragging about it on international platforms. The sole fact that he injects money in Plan Nord, a strategy axing the province’s economy on non-renewable energies, demonstrates how unwilling he is to move forward for real.



Jocelyne Richer (2015, October 16). Couillard tient un discours alarmiste sur les changements climatiques. Le Devoir.


I totally agree with you. Many Politicians tell the citizens certain things to get their love, but as soon as they can, they will just do whatever they want. They will try to play with our conscience by saying beautiful words and defending great ideas, but they will not do anything about it. Not only them, but a lot of people do the same thing mostly on the internet; they will blame the government for not doing anything about environmental issues instead of doing something about it on their own. That is a problem we will not stop hearing about in the next few years until someone decides to really do something.

I chose to comment on this summary because I was curious to see what climate change effects you had focused on because the tittle was ‘Climate Change’. But when reading it, I found it interesting that the summary was not on specific effects, but rather on a political aspect. I am surprised that Quebec’s Premier, Mr. Couillard, seems to understand the problems associated with climate change, yet he does not seem to comprehend that fossil energies are one of the major problems that affect climate change as he has been investing money on the development of fossil energies. Climate change has affected the environment in many ways; one example is stated in the David Suzuki article on Climate Change. It stated that one effect of the increase in the world’s temperature is that the availability of fresh water will continue to decrease and that this will affect not only our fresh water availability but will also reduce the habitat of many animals. I agree with you that the money invested for fossil energies should be put towards renewable energies instead. Investing in electric cars and developing more solar and wind-based technologies to reduce the amount of gas emissions released into the atmosphere should be the government’s priority.

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