The Yellow Door

by tasiags on March 3, 2014 - 7:03am

Also known as the YMCA of McGill, the Yellow Door promotes “social justice, freedom of expression, and personal growth” by encouraging dialogue, social connectedness, and intergenerationality.  Its mission is to involve the Montreal and McGill communities to participate in programs, which encourage communication, artistic expression and support services. The Yellow Door values relationships, responsiveness, expressiveness, collaboration, and accessibility, as well as advocates the involvement of the youth in the broader community. I am currently awaiting an email for the major projects for 2014. Meanwhile, the organizations has adopted several projects, such as “a food cooperative for students in temporary financial difficulty; resources and assistance to other community and student groups; a collective kitchen known as the Rabbit Hole Cafe; and fieldwork placement for students in nursing, social work, religious studies, physiotherapy and occupational therapy”. Another initiative is The Yellow Door Elderly Project is, which offers a great range of services to seniors in Montreal.  There are numerous volunteer opportunities for the Yellow Door. For example, the Elderly Project requires volunteers for friendly visits, accompaniments, or helping elders develop computer and Internet skills. There are more general forms of volunteering available, such as marketing, computer programming, accounting, fundraising, and raising awareness.  

The contact person and information for the volunteer opportunities:


Telephone: (514) 845-2600, ext. 2

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