Will the hate ever stop?

by JordanL on January 26, 2014 - 8:49pm

Life is not easy for those who are different. In Russia, the government has recently adopted laws that prohibit any form of homosexual propaganda. Elton John, the famous singer, considers that those legislations are an attack towards gay rights. And although Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, argues that they do not harm anyone, John says that he met people in Moscow who are constantly harassed and even physically harmed by vigilante groups. Those person say that they can "cure" then from their homosexuality by throwing urine at them or beating them up.  The singer adds that he always receives a warm welcome when he plays in Russia and that he hopes every members of the LBGT community can have the same amount of respect in their own country.

It is a pity that such hate against homosexual people still exists in our society. We may not be able to directly help those who are the victims of those laws, but we can spread the message and create pressure on the Russian government so that it might abolish those laws. Creating petitions would most certainly be our best course of action. It could also be possible to make forums on the Web to discuss the issue and sensitize people to it. Today is not the day when people will view homosexuality in the same way they view heterosexuality, but we can make it happen for the generation of tomorrow.

The link to the original article can be found below.

"Elton John condemns Russia's 'vicious' anti-gay legislation" by Sean Michaels on January 23rd, 2014



First, great job on your news summary. Your ideas are clear and well thought through. I agree that we most definitely have to act to change this awful law for the sake of human rights. With the Olympic Games in Sochi Russia this year, I truly wish that some athletes will stand up against this legislation. Haley Wickenheiser, who was chosen to be Canada's flag-bearer in those upcoming games seems to be willing to take a firm stance against this law and hopefully many athletes will follow her lead.

You can find the article that talks about this here : http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/olympics/hockey-player-hayley-wick...

I do agree with what both of you are saying and I believe people should be more sensitized about this issue. And we should sensitize the population by doing more promotion as it is being done by the American athletes. Unfortunately the opposition, being the Russian government, stands their grounds saying “no gay people in the city” of Sochi. It is hard to image that in 2014 we are still debating on basic civil rights. I have found for you an article on the government refusing to let homosexuals in the city for the games. Enjoy!

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