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by SO on February 2, 2014 - 9:51pm

A recent article published in the Toronto Star has author Keith Beaty debriefing us on how death can have a silver lining. Mother Eya Kotulsky was deeply saddened with grief after the loss of her son in 2004. Following his death, she decided to turn the situation around by signing his donor’s card. Although his organs were worthless, his tissue, corneas, bones, knee and ankle joints were able to be donated. In addition, his bone marrow was used for 36 transplants. 


Very little people know how many lives can be changed or even saved with the help of tissue and other un-common donations. Most think that organs are the most important, however, only 2% of us are potential organs donors. Whereas 30% of us have the potential to be tissue donors. After hearing about what her son’s body was able to achieve for others, both Eya’s husband and father signed their cards as well, and when they died, became tissue donors. Eya says, when her time comes, she wishes to be donor also. 


The article reminds us of a very important number: for every deceased donor, up to 75 lives can be enhanced. With the need of tissue and organs increasing, every donation is important. The article raises an important issue: How many of us actually sign our donor card? Personally, I have. It is an easy, simple remedy to the problem that anyone can turn to to help. So I ask, wanna save lives? 


The article offers a link to a website where one can give consent in Ontario. 

However, for those living in Quebec, this website is better suited for you. 




Original Article: Ontario’s tissue donor numbers rising, but demand still unmet

Author: Keith Beaty



Excellent article!! It was really interesting and the vocabulary was easy to understand. I agree with you. people do not know enough of the importance of being an organ and tissue donor. The following article might interest you, it talks about the low numbers of donor and how maybe with a reward we can increase that number.


I think that this issue is very overlooked in our society. Your summary was great, and your use of statistics really drove the point home. When I was in high school, we had people who had survived because of organ donors come in and talk to us about how important organ donation is. At our age, we don't often think about death or dying, or whether we want to donate our organs, we think that it will never happen to us, and that should it happen, we will be conscious to say yes or no to organ donation. Especially at our age, when our organs are young and are useful to many people.

i think it's great that people are willing to be organ donors to help others out(: so often we take our lives for granted and never know what may happen tomorrow so to be able to donate to someone who needs it when your own organs are still young and in good use is so great. I know the article mentioned that the amount of people who donate is low but i don't think a reward system should go in place to have more people donate. i think it takes a special person to do something like this and it shouldn't be replaced with money or an item. it should be because you want to help and give to others.

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